September, 24th, 2019

Using POS Software to Generate reports: How effective?

Running a successful business requires you to consider many things: you need to identify your target market, know your competitors, learn from the competition and manage your finances properly. To manage your finances properly, you need a constantly updated report to have proper information on how your business is faring Read more

September, 10th, 2019

What to look out for when Purchasing a POS System

Thanks to the increasing need to improve customer flexibility and the overall need to improve customers’ experience at every stage of a business transaction, the need for purchasing a POS (Point Of Sales) system is on the rise.Read more

September, 3rd, 2019

Is Point of Sales System an Investment or an Expense?

For a growing business, longevity and expansion are always a primary focus. Having a structured system that helps improve sales and customers’ experience is very paramount for business owners. The use of the Point of Sales system is especially recommended for retail and hospitality businesses to achieve this.Read more