Employee Management Using your POS Software

Employee Management Using your POS Software

Your employees are part of the resources that keep your business going. They directly take care of your store and drive sales. And because they play such a role in operations, it is necessary to understand your employees just as you would your business. You provide your employees with tools to keep them efficient and put checks in place. In this article, we will explore five ways your POS can help with employee management.


What is an Employee management system?

Today’s POS systems are for a lot more than just making sales. POS Systems have fully evolved into complete business management systems to manage your staff, inventory, suppliers, and more. In this context of POS, employee management systems help business owners and managers track their activities. Employees can also use their POS system to clock in and out, submit their hours, manage their schedule, etc. The employee management feature in your POS centralizes all of your essential employee data and puts actionable reports at your fingertips.


5 Ways Your POS can help with Employee Management

1. Optimize Time and Attendance 

 For some businesses, the go-to for time and attendance monitoring still is the traditional pen and paper. Asides from the fact this can easily get manipulated, it is also grossly incorrect most times. When you use a POS System for your time and attendance, employees get provided secure passcode, which they enter to clock in or out. Employees and managers can monitor how many hours they have worked daily or weekly. They can also check the history of their sales by logging into their profile.


2. Customizable User Permission

To avoid discrepancies that might come because of all your employees having access to all functionalities, an efficient point of sales solution helps you set distinct roles depending on which job each employee is assigned. For example, with our ICG Software for restaurants, you have default roles like (Cashiers, Bartenders, Waiter/waitresses, etc.) preconfigured into the system with only certain features enabled. You can even decide to disable specific features depending on your discretion. This way, you have control over who has access to what.


3. Easy Training Process

 User permissions simplify your training process. During the onboarding process, you take employees through only what they need to perform their specific jobs rather than the entire system. Doing this simplifies and shortens the training time and strengthens the security of your system while also ensuring each employee has adequate tools to help them excel at their jobs.


4. Detailed Reporting about Employee Activities

 Apart from reporting and analytics of sales and inventory, do you also know that your POS Software can also give you access to your employee data? With the insights your point of sales data provides, you can get a glean of your staff performance. Who is generating a large number of sales, and who is lagging. All this information can help make strategic scheduling decisions and to incentivize your staff to work harder. 

Furthermore, because the software performs way better than your regular cash register, you have a system that carefully documents cash-ins and cash-outs and one that runs counts before and after shifts changes. This way, there are checks and balances in case of thefts and mistakes. 


5. Optimized Scheduling

Let us use a quick illustration.

Let us say you manage a big salon, and you receive as high as 20 appointments daily (this does not include the casual walk-in customers). As soon as a customer walks in, you assign them to whosoever you think is less busy at that moment. If everyone is busy working, then the customer has to wait till someone is free. Before long, the customer starts getting impatient. You begin to hurry your stylist to finish up an existing customer to attend to the impatient waiting customer. The attending customer also starts to get angry because the stylist is making mistakes due to the hurry. To top it up, if someone else took over in the middle of a task, the possibility of tracking is lost as you have no records of who did what down the line. This disorganization can result in frustration of the employees and dissatisfaction of your customers.


However, with the optimized scheduling that your salon point of sales software offers, you can easily assign tasks to the various beauticians you have just as appointments come in, easy and with zero hassle. And if an issue springs up about the said appointment, it can easily be tracked and resolved.


In conclusion,

a comprehensive solution will provide you a breakdown of your sales by employee. This way, you know which employees are best at doing what and how to optimize their strength for the future. Understanding how to take advantage of the data your software gives brings stability and growth to your store.


In addition, employee management using your pos software gives you the advantage of managing your staff and sales from one account. You can make balanced business decisions based on tracking the productivity and working hours of your employees. You also protect your business by granting proper permissions for each employee group and control over-cash inaccuracy in every shift. 


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