About us


POS Shop Ltd is one of the foremost leading point of sales software and hardware company in Nigeria. Founded in 1995, POS Shop Ltd is aimed at providing turnkey electronic point of sales hardware and mobile data gathering software to all scales of businesses across Africa, with the view of improving the management efficiency and subsequent profit maximization of all our clients. The focus of POS Shop Ltd is to deliver the best Point of Sale solution that manages basic business transactions – sales and inventory with a view to proffer solutions that provide managers of these businesses critical information that helps them to make the right decisions which they in-turn will use to grow their businesses. We have the best after sales service that keeps our clients in operations. Over the years, we have become a leader in the distribution of specialist designs for various enterprise resource planning software.

Our Goal

We at POS Shop Ltd understand the dynamics of the Nigerian economy and recognize the need for businesses in this part of the world to be abreast of their counterparts in other parts of the world and also be ahead of the local competition. Our goal at POS Shop Ltd is to provide pos systems that will offer the best resources to rightly manage operations using world standard management solutions.We are uniquely positioned to successfully provide enterprise resource planning solutions for managers/owners of businesses to effectively and efficiently maximize profits.

We Supply,Implement, Install and Configure

We supply,implement,install and configure all hardware and software products with full technical support remotely or on site. We render continuous maintenance and support for all network installations specifically tailored to meet the needs of our varied clients.