In recent times, safety in schools has become so paramount, and we cannot gloss over this due to the rampant institution targeted kidnappings, bomb threats, and killings. Implementation of ID card systems is a way of proactively improving school security. This technology is not only safer; it can also remain usable for years without a need for replacement. Below are few ways school ID badges get utilized. 

  • Regulate access to school facilities
  • Store vital information such as biodata, contact info, allergens, and medication
  • Verify access to school resources
  • Manage Library resources
  • Monitor student class attendance and participation in extracurricular activities
  • Eliminate the need for cash on-premises when performing student transactions, such as lunch programs. 


Benefits of School ID Badges to Schools

1. Improved Safety for Students and Staff: 

To determine whether or not a person belongs on a premises, ID Badges are your first and sure bet visual. Making sure that IDs have photos attached holds more relevance as this ensures that outsiders are spotted quickly. The school ID can also get incorporated with electronic access tracking and control feature that allows only those with authorization access into the facility. Also, this security feature can track who is in the building and where they go. In a nutshell, the more you put into your school ID program, the safer your staff and student will be.


2. Differentiate Between Staff and Visitors: 

Running a school will see many visitors from temporary teachers to technicians visiting your premises. Using an ID program to create an ID for visitors gives a distinction between the teachers and visitors. This distinction allows you to track when visitors come and go. You can make visitors stand out more by having a different neckstrap from the students and staff, so they get easily identifiable. For non-frequent visitors, a temporary identification or a visitors log book are equally recommended alternatives. 

In addition, staff security badges are equally beneficial when helping new students familiarize themselves with staff members and adapt to their new environment. It is also considering the safety of students in case of emergencies as students need to be able to identify the school staff and faculty members. 


3. Mitigate Truancy:

School security badges and IDs actively help the school guards and administration identify active students and students trying to ditch school (especially if the school does not have a uniform policy such as in Universities). So from class attendance to extracurricular activities, ID badges are effective In identifying and dealing with flunkers.


4. School ID Badges for Multiple Function: 

ID cards can do much more than for identification purposes only. School ID badges can help to streamline daily operations such as buying lunch in the cafeteria, buying items at the school store, check out books and media items from the library, etc. ID badges can get used for filling daily attendance. Each student can swipe their school IDs at the entrance of every class, and attendance gets monitored electronically. All you need do is make sure the ID printer, cards, and software you settle for can handle everything you want them to do.


5. Identify Special Needs Students Easily: 

Given that vital information such as medication and allergies can get included in the student school IDs, it makes it very easy for the school administration to identify students with special needs and effectively serve them. For students who have uncommon dietary and allergies, this is key to keeping them safe and healthy. This information also becomes helpful when dealing with emergencies in the school. Specific systems can get synched with ID badges and their databases so that information about medications, allergies, etc., can get accessed in real-time. 



School ID badges are proactive ways to increase security. With the ID card program, you get to efficiently identify students, control access to the building, and increase the efficiency of emergency responses.

Finding the right ID Card System to suit your needs can be quite the search, but it is simple. The first step is to know what you want your badges to be able to do. Second, talk to someone who can walk you through the details, from card printers to software. POS Shop Limited has everything to help you identify and engage your student and staff. Talk to a professional here at