4 Ways to Improve Security on University Campuses

4 Ways to Improve Security on University Campuses

The University campus should be considered a home away from home for students. As safety remains a big concern in the country, it is expedient that the management of universities prioritizes the safety of students by providing a modern security system that helps keep criminal activities at bay.

So what steps can you take to improve safety on campuses?

1.Ensure Lights around the Campus are in Good Working Condition

Good lighting is known to reduce the fear of crime. Criminals are hesitant to carry out nefarious activities around well-lit areas. Having students walk through poorly lit corridors is nothing short of terrifying. Upgrading the lighting around the campus can be one of the most effective ways of improving security on university campuses and making students feel reassured. Check regularly that all lights are working and replacing dysfunctional ones. Do not waiting until they start to blink or go out entirely but being proactive by having a planned maintenance regime. With proper lighting around the campus, you reduce security risks and avoid loss of reputation. 

2. Introduce ID Badges for Access Control

One of the best ways to improve security on university campuses is to ensure people feel they can only get through when authorized. Each student having an ID badge that doubles as an access card (Read on how the swipe/proximity card works that allows them into authorized parts of the campus fosters a sense of safety. Anyone who might target your campus without appropriate access ID might want to think again when he/she realizes they have to prove they have the right to be on the premises. To get Swipe cards/Proximity cards for your campuses, click here (pos@posshop-ng.com)

3. Install and Update Security Cameras

We live in dangerous times, and it is good to know what happened to a target or threat and take preventive measures to be sure it is avoided in the future or curbed before it gets out of hand. Security cameras are equipment used to monitor staff, visitors, and students in a particular vicinity. Security cameras have proven to be a helpful tool in human prevention efforts towards safety issues. 

4. Visitor Management System 

Incorporating a proper visitor management system is another way to improve security on university campuses. This system works such that anyone without permission right of access to your campus will need to sign in with all their details stored. Visitors can be provided with tags with RFID chips in them for tracking. One advantage of this system is that security personnel can monitor the movement of guests until they leave and sign out without having to be on the same site as the visitor(s).

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