Enhance your business performance and Increase brand awareness with a bespoke solution to manage all aspects of the supply chain, our RFID solution makes use of UHF technology for both long-range and close proximity readings


RFID Solutions system is integrated with both RFID and network communication technology. Each product in stock should be stuck with an RFID tag, which comes with a globally unique ID.

  • For Stock control, tracking, and monitoring of multi-warehouse inventory
  • Automatic replenishment of warehouses based on consumptions
  • Provides a tracking system for all stock from the date of manufacture to the date of sale
  • Provide a control mechanism for stock released in excess at the warehouse
  • Create a printable record when items released for sale are less than the quantity demanded by a customer
  • Automatic decrease of stock in real-time by components when selling a set
  • Transfers between warehouses or departments
  • Generate and customize reports to specification
  • Generate and customize reports to specification
  • Compare production and sales for various periods a day, week, month, year, previous year, inter-month, etc

Bespoke RFID For Asset Tracking

Our RFID solution is integrated with GPS solution, with all items tagged with RFID tags. The fixed RFID reader is used for taking information at all times and transmitting it to the central database. A GPS Tracker is attached to provide geographic visibility at all times and the system is managed with a developed cloud program For mobile Assets,

  • visibility is maintained via the fixed RFID readers and GPS trackers stationed around their immediate vicinity.
  • Information is pooled at all times and sent to the central database for easy traceability.


  • Physically install and configure RFID Readers
  • Assign RFID tags to personnel and visitors
  • Upload floorplans of your building to be used for tracking.
  • Lookup personnel by name or ID
  • Visually track and locate personnel on your floorplan.
  • Verify when an employee entered and exited a floor.
  • See how much time an employee stays in one area.
  • Visualize employee movement paths throughout the workday.
  • Designate each RFID Reader to the defined floors and doors to create tracking zones


RFID Stock Taking Solution is today’s new way of keeping track of your stock items, our RFID handheld reader is for fast reading the RFID tag information and sending it to a server by a wireless communication method

  • Make stock count easy, fast, and accurate.
  • Readers are available on handheld devices And fixed readers/antennas.
  • A fixed RFID reader ensures access control, with a circularly polarized antenna to make sure the tags can be identified from multiple angles.
  • The operations are managed with a developed software program

Our Bespoke RFID Solution Is Adaptable to Each Business Type. ( Manufacturing ) ( Big Companies ) ( Chains and franchises ) ( Point of Sale ) Stock Photos of the above We configure and tailor the processes and views according to each use case. All parameters, variables, data elements can be 100% customized

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