August, 11th, 2020

How to Attract Customers and Remain Competitive

The hospitality industry is a very diverse and busy one. For owners of fast foods, fine dining restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, and cafes, it is no doubt that attracting customers can be quite challenging, especially this time where customers have various preferences and are not afraid to demand it. To attract Read more

August, 4th, 2020

Why Having a Salon POS is Important

While running a modern salon/spa business, look towards constant innovation lest you run the risk of redundancy. It is a necessity to have intuitive and multiple touchpoints that would serve existing customers and attract new ones daily. Achieving this with a Salon/Spa POS can immensely benefit your establishment and take … Read more

July, 14th, 2020

Online Ordering: Benefits to Restaurants

In the world we live now, simplifying the lives of customers while maintaining a firm standing amidst competitors is the way to go to grow your business exponentially. For restaurants in the hospitality industry, having a restaurant pos software that is adaptable to the growing change is unquestionable. It is Read more

July, 6th, 2020


The demand for point of sales (POS) software and hardware in Nigeria has been on a steady rise in recent years. Business owners have now more than ever realized how indispensable the point of sales system is to the growth of their business. Restaurants, hotels, retailers, and other service providers Read more

June, 30th, 2020

Physical to Online Selling: How to Transition

With the growing prospect of e-commerce in Nigeria, coupled with the uncertainty owed to Covid-19, more businesses are recognizing the need to go beyond the limitations of physical locations in their quest for expansion, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. How do businesses transition from physical to online selling? Keep reading, Read more