Online Ordering: Benefits to Restaurants

Online Ordering: Benefits to Restaurants

In the world we live now, simplifying the lives of customers while maintaining a firm standing amidst competitors is the way to go to grow your business exponentially. For restaurants in the hospitality industry, having a restaurant pos software that is adaptable to the growing change is unquestionable. It is pertinent that your restaurant pos software adapts to new business methods, strategies, trends, policies, or processes within your industry. In this era of COVID-19, the new way of ensuring your restaurant remains relevant and in business is via online ordering.

The use of off-premise channels, such as a mobile application, a website, or third-party food delivery options, has facilitated the ease of switching to online ordering for most restaurants. While online order has been around for years, the covid19 pandemic has accelerated the need for restaurants to adapt and pivot towards the takeout model. Therefore, more restaurants are now beginning to see the benefits of this emerging technology.

What is Online Ordering?

Mobile ordering is a digital ordering system that allows restaurants to create their ordering apps or ordering portals on their website. With it, customers can browse the menu, place an order, and pay on a mobile device. They know when the order will be ready, and either they pick it up, or the restaurant delivers it.

To help restaurants during this time, we made it easier for our restaurant clients to move their business online so they can better serve customers by launching our O-Menu online ordering solution. With O-menu, restaurants can set up digital channels like online ordering, mobile ordering, and contactless delivery No hardware required, no onsite installation, and you get complete support. For sit and dine-in customers, it features a contactless solution that allows your customers to access your menu, order, and pay for meals on their phone without the need to interact with staff members during the process. Every activity is performed online and at guest convenience. O-Menu is fully functional regardless of what restaurant pos software you currently use.

Now let’s look at the benefits of mobile ordering

Benefits of Online Ordering

1. Use Online Ordering to Promote social distancing: 

The contactless nature of online ordering makes it particularly relevant as restaurants reopen. By utilizing an online restaurant ordering system, you show guests that you are abiding by public health regulations, thereby gaining their trust while keeping staff members safe. Whether it’s for delivery, pick-up, or even dine-in guests. The entire process is completed on the customer’s device, eliminating contact at every stage.

2. Orders Are More Accurate: 

Misunderstandings are sure to happen in restaurants when a customer gets served the wrong order. Asides the fact that frustrated customers might end up not coming back, it sends a signal to other customers not to trust your ordering process. With online orders, the customer is mainly in control of the ordering process, can crosscheck the order validity, and track the status of their orders.

3. Drives More Revenue: 

When a customer places an order online, they take their time to explore the menu and get familiar with deals and offers that your restaurant may be offering without feeling pressured to wrap up their order within a timeframe. Thus, with online ordering, you can create a no-pressure atmosphere for your client, which can cause a feeling of satisfaction in the customer and can contribute to an overall increase in sales.

4. Collect Customer Data:

With orders moving straight to the point of sale system, you can collect statistics on customer buying patterns, know who your regular customers are, what they like ordering, what food item is popular amongst customers, etc. You also have full control of the customer data that you can leverage in building a loyalty program. Ultimately collecting customer data via the online ordering solution allows you to create a more personalized guest experience and market to your customers more effectively.

5. Keep Full Profit: 

Unlike using third-party apps like JumiaFoods, having an online ordering system integrated with your restaurant point of sales system or standing independently, helps you keep all the revenues from each transaction. By eliminating payment of commissions to merchants, you no longer lose a chunk of your profit. Instead, paying a flat fee for this functionality allows you to plan the entire expense. That means the more you sell, the more you stand to earn.


Presently, online ordering is the primary and the most sanitary way customers can experience your food and hospitality. Coupled with the benefits highlighted above, it eliminates the stress of dealing with cash transactions and its obvious health concerns and shows customers you are innovative. Want to learn more about online ordering? Get in touch with our team today and watch your business benefit from this significantly.