Pros and Cons of Having a Self Service Kiosk

Pros and Cons of Having a Self Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks in restaurants are slowly becoming the norm in many parts of the world. As restaurants continually seek new ways to engage digital-savvy customers, there is a need to look towards innovation by investing upfront in self-service kiosks. There are many upsides to an automated system, but before you contact Pos Shop Limited to get one installed for your business, you want to understand the pros and cons this kiosk has to your business. 

Pros of Self-Service Kiosks 

Improved accuracy: 

With a self-service kiosk, the overall accuracy of service improves as customers get provided with detailed information and visual content about what exactly they are ordering. Kiosks eliminate human to human miscommunication. You can make specifications for how your food is made by adding or deleting ingredients. No more he said or, she said.

Employee Optimization: 

One of the appeals of a self-service kiosk is the efficiency that comes with machines working. While a self-service kiosk is doing the job of taking orders, employees can engage in roles that can improve customer experience. Like engaging guests to make sure they are satisfied, keeping the restaurants clean, assembling orders to reduce wait time, among other things. Self-service kiosks aid better staff distribution at peak hours.

Acknowledging Customers Preference with Self Service Kiosks: 

Customers’ preference these days is shifting towards speed and convenience. Due to this, more and more restaurant shift to technologies that accommodate these preferences, from contactless payments to mobile ordering. Learning about your customer’s preferences will help you in finding a perfect balance between contactless and traditional ordering methods. As coronavirus continues to impact the hospitality industry, self-service kiosk presents customers with tech-friendly options that feels safer and limits human-human interaction. With self-service kiosks, customers are solely in control of the ordering process. 

Increase in Sales: 

A self-service kiosk can increase sales through upselling. Upselling products usually require persuasive skills and consistency. With a self-service kiosk, you can upsell by displaying all products and relevant add-ons or menu options for the selected dish, so the likelihood of customers increasing the size of their final check increases. A self-service kiosk helps play to customer’s emotions. Finger movements on touchscreens generate fun, positive emotions that lead to customer retention, which in turn leads to more revenue. A study found that when guests did their order using self-service kiosks at McDonald’s, they spent an average of 30% more; and 20% more at Taco Bell. That is because when prompted to add on extra condiments or drinks, people are more likely to do so on a screen. By reducing queues and waiting times, self-service kiosks generate more sales turnover and increase the average sales of the business by more than 15%

Cons of Self-Service Kiosks

Initial Investment: 

Anytime a business is looking to innovate, it usually requires an up-front investment in technology. Self- service kiosks require substantial capital and planning to actualize.

Limited Personal Interaction: 

Some people love a person to person interaction, no matter how random. They want to be attended by a customer representative and not a machine sprouting commands to them. 

Customers Experience: 

Though we live in a technological era, there are still a lot of people who are not so techie. This category of people may run into difficulty when using a self-service system. Hiopos T-Quiosk makes this con work for you, as it is customer-friendly showing photos of the dishes. 

Having seen the pros and cons, you would agree with me that the pros far outweigh the cons. Incorporating technology to make ordering for your customers easier actually ensures customer retention. With Hiopos self-service kiosk, you encourage repeat customers with modern technology that empowers your business.