Online POS – Technology for 2021

Online POS – Technology for 2021

The year 2020 put us in tight corners, but even with these challenges, there were also opportunities. Covid-19 and government policies led to a year of adaptation and accelerated digital transformation for every industry.

At POS Shop Limited, we strive to put customers first in everything we do. Despite the challenges from last year, our goal is to provide excellent experiences to our customers through our solutions.

So as we begin 2021, let us look at 2020 and the new technologies and tools it brought POS Shop Limited.

Posshop Strengthening Small Businesses

We kicked off the year by introducing Hiopos Cloud software in March 2020. We introduced this solution so small businesses can offer faster check-out points to customers. Thanks to the rich features of Hiopos, small business owners in Nigeria can stand shoulder to shoulder with bigger counterparts while making an informed decision about their business.

Hiopos Software is the best solution for salons, spas, café, Bistros, and restaurants in Nigeria. Merchants now have full cloud-based sales and inventory management solutions accompanied by new intuitive hardware designed for ambitious Omnichannel businesses. 

Hiopos: T-Kiosk

Then the world shut down, and it was clear our customers needed a technology that focused on a contactless experience for their customers. The rollout of the T-kiosk (Self-ordering kiosks) provided an avenue to serve the new customer behavior. The T-kiosk provided a self-service experience, allowing customers to place orders without coming in contact with anyone.

In-Depth Analysis of Sales and Operations: HiOffice

Making the right move in the era of uncertainty means doing better than trusting your gut. The HiOffice provides you with access to the comprehensive business data you need to analyze your business information in real-time. With Hioffice, merchants can measure their new efforts online and in-store, tweak what is not working, and lean into what is. Being privy to such information will be crucial for intelligently growing your business for years to come.

Posshop Helping Restaurants Adapt and Thrive

Many restaurants found the importance of expanding their offerings in response to the challenges of 2020. Portal Rest and O-menu was a response to what 2020 brought. We offered restaurants a way to take their business online without the need to spend time and money learning in and out of web hosting.

With O-menu and Portal Rest, owners keeping up to speed with the changing times could do so without losing business. Having an online presence is necessary to keep customers impressed into 2021 and beyond. At POS Shop, we have provided a way your business can interact with customers by offering services tailored to your hospitality business. Now you don’t have to spend tons on a website.

Reaching Diners wherever They Are: Online Ordering and Delivery 

The Pandemic and Lockdown measures meant that restaurants saw their rooms closed, but their kitchen could remain open. Even when the restriction on dine-in became lifted, many diners still opted to stay home. Thus, the need arose for restaurants to devise a means to reach those diners. But handling delivery to multiple online orders is a hassle without help. 

For restaurants using Hopos in their restaurants, Portal Rest made it more efficient to receive online orders and arrange for delivery to their customers. The orders are received at the kitchen for preparation, and the food is delivered according to the location specified. Customers can check and track the status of their orders via their smartphones.

A spike in delivery was just a part of the new picture of dining in 2020. Hungry customers were also interested in takeout options with the options of ordering online and the control of picking up in person. With Portal Rest, customers can order takeout, pay contactless and get real-time order updates, and restaurants can facilitate takeout and curbside pickup without a third-party fee. 

Take out isn’t necessarily new. Portal rest means our merchants can serve customers in even more ways when the doors are closed, which means if 2021 comes with the unexpected, your business is prepared to deliver your delicious meals in ways that work for both you and customers. 

We Remain Adaptable and Intuitive

We can reckon that 2020 was long and arduous. However, we are in this together with you and we will continue to prioritize our merchants’ needs through adaptable technology that can nurture your business to where you want it to be. Our support team has been working tirelessly to help our growing merchant base adapt to the constant change.

While 2020 may have brought challenges, it further pushed us to think outside the box, and we look forward to going further and bringing you much more in 2021.