How to Attract Customers and Remain Competitive

How to Attract Customers and Remain Competitive

The hospitality industry is a very diverse and busy one. For owners of fast foods, fine dining restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, and cafes, it is no doubt that attracting customers can be quite challenging, especially this time where customers have various preferences and are not afraid to demand it. To attract customers and remain competitive is an overarching strategy most in the hospitality industry employ, but few know how to go about it.

In this article, we explore ways you can attract customers and remain competitive as a hospitality business owner.

  1. Versatile Menu Option: Having a flexible and adaptable menu is a customer-centric method that would keep you in the mind of customers. For example, people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle would not consider Pizza to be a healthy option. However, you can tap into that market by exploring ingredients and toppings for a healthier option.
  2. Fast delivery: After placing an order online, more often than not, the next question you get from customers could be, “When will I get my order?” How quick customers get their order goes a long way in increasing customers’ retention. To achieve this, you should know where exactly your drivers are and how long it takes them to deliver. By setting up a Point of Sales with real-time driver status update and delivery time estimate, you improve communication and also helps with route optimization. With a built-in mapping system, making decisions as regards the route your drivers take, becomes a lot easier.
  3. Go Digital: As a business, your customers become your critics. They post ratings and reviews of your outlet and make recommendations to the general public. It is necessary to respond to customers’ reviews and maintain a line of communication with customers. It shows that you care about what people say. To achieve this, you must deploy multiple sales and marketing platforms. Expand your sales channels to include a website, social media, your POS, staff, and everyone actively involved in the sales and marketing of the business. To get the full benefits, ensure all platforms remain interconnected with multiple touchpoints. This way, you create a satisfying end to end experience for your customers.
  4. Using Analytics to Your Advantage: Having access to the business data and insights helps you to know what part of your business is doing well. With this, if a marketing campaign is working out or not, from hourly sales, peak times, and inventory variances, you can make informed decisions about your business. Through sales reporting, you can differentiate between trends, holiday, and seasonal traffic to ensure you’re on the path to success. Furthermore, this information can help to optimize your pricing structure and staffing.
  5. POS Software: POS systems should be one of the priority investments for your business. Having a reliable POS Software can automate complex tasks demands and keep your entire operation streamlined. For example, loyalty is a way to incentivize consumers to come to your eating place and take advantage of the discount. POS systems record customer preferences and past orders. Specifics including which customer ordered, what they ordered, date, and time of order, are all saved on a POS. Having a pos software allows restaurants to meet the need for customization while keeping guests happy and satisfied. 

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