Hiopos All in One Cloud POS

Hiopos All in One Cloud POS

From POS systems for small businesses to ones for larger retailers looking to upscale their POS Solutions, there are several POS solution options available globally. In the past, systems were built for a singular purpose, offering a convenient solution to only one part of a business whole. We, however, present you with a pos solution that overcomes these issues: HIOPOS ALL IN ONE CLOUD POS.

Hiopos cloud software is an all-in-one cloud-based point of sales system that has each part dedicated to managing the operations of every aspect of your business. 

Every feature and module work together cohesively as one complete system. 

Specialized Solution for Each Part of Your Business. hiopos cloud pos

Hiopos Cloud solution has very robust modules designed to fulfill the needs of every single business element. From the point of sales to maintaining inventory level and managing appointments.

The software is by professionals in business, design, and programming. Each module is designed with the business growth in mind to handle separate facets of the operations.

For effective business growth, most businesses are typically required to have a point of sales (POS) system for check out, inventory management, and managing their growing customer list. However, a decent amount of POS software lacks a good CRM and attempt to integrate with other customer management software to fill that void. With Hiopos all-in-one cloud solution CRM module, you can turn one-time customers into loyal customers. Hiopos has detailed customer reporting and the ability to create a range of customer loyalty programs.

Built for Security and Reliability 

An issue that plagues lots of POS Systems for small businesses is the need to integrate with other services, for example, payment solutions, and as previously mentioned lots of software are single purpose, only able to manage one area of business operation, for example, point of sales.

Hiopos Cloud software is much like a combination of power and functionality for your business growth. It allows the integration of multiple APIs, and it is not limited to business premises, through your web browser you can accept Payment, update your inventory, and access data from anywhere provided you have an internet connection. It can be thought of as a complete puzzle created by skilled designers to display a unified image.

This solution is a system infused with cloud storage this means all your data and resources are encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, also, in-app permission and access for each user differs depending on the kind of role each party plays, for example, an employee with an administrative right have more tool/ functionality to work with compared to the cashier. This helps in streamlining the responsibility of each employee, and limiting areas unauthorized employees have access to.

Hiopos Cloud POS Monthly Subscription cost 

The growth of cloud POS systems is partly due to the benefits they offer small businesses looking to expand quickly, and one offer perhaps the most important to smaller businesses is cost.

Hiopos cloud is a subscription-based software that covers licensing, customer support, data hosting, and software updates. So instead of paying for multiple solutions and learning how each of them works and then integrating, you have all parts of your business working in cohesion. One layout, one app for you and your staff members to learn.

Additionally, plans are very flexible so you can switch to more or fewer devices or cancel at any time.

hiopos cloud pos

Hiopos Cloud POS Detailed Reporting in All Areas 

All information entered into your system is saved and analyzed and then presented in easy-to-understand reports. there is no possibility of missing, incorrect, or corrupt data. 

Sales reports

With Hiopos Cloud software reporting you can track sales over various time frames, discover bestselling points throughout the day and view your best selling items and use data to tweak your products and pricing to increase revenue. 

Staff Reporting

View your most competent and hardest workers see which employees are the best suited for certain sales areas and track staff to incentivize your sales team.

Customers Reporting

View your loyal customers, discover the biggest spenders and which customers frequent your store the most, and how many new customers you’re acquiring each day.

Suppliers Reporting

View your best supplies based on frequency, reliability, or other cost items, apply this data in keeping your overheads low and your profits high. 

Immediate Setup and Software Updates Done For You

Hiopos cloud software can be likened to downloading an app on your smartphone, application is installed into your system all that is required after is to log in and use it straight away.

Furthermore, because it is a cloud software updates are done automatically. All that is required is that you have decent WIFI or mobile connection, The Hiopos cloud pos software can work offline, then sync the new data to the cloud when you are back online or internet connection is restored.   

To set up a demo at no cost speak directly to our sales team at pos@posshop-ng.com