Get Your Jewelry Store Ready For Valentine Day

Get Your Jewelry Store Ready For Valentine Day

Every February 14, lovers exchange flowers and lavish gifts to celebrate the most romantic days of the year. Is your jewelry store ready to meet the demands of lovers this season?  

Setting up a point of sales (POS) software is an indisputable way to stay organized and ready to make sales during Valentine season.

Learn how your POS System can help create a stronger bond with customers while increasing sales during this season of love.

Be Helpful. Share Additional Information using your POS

A whole lot of people will be buying jewelry or watches as Valentine day gifts. They may feel confused, so be flexible in the way you run your business. Walk-through your jewelry store and show the pieces available in stock to customers. Seek opinion, ask questions that better help you understand your customers’ taste, and provide answers and suggestions using your POS system.

Create Loyal Customer 

Valentines Day is when lots of relationships become official, and as a jewelry retailer, your customers would look to you to deliver. Take advantage of this by adding dates, ring sizes, brand preference, and more to customer profiles and increase satisfaction and encourage loyalty. Furthermore, you see your customers through their main milestones with the loyalty program in your jewelry software. Make every transaction memorable for them.

Track Repair, Resize, and Custom Orders Directly

With a POS System, you improve your customer experience by following on status of repair orders. Fixing that necklace or resizing a ring, your POS software enables you to track the stage and progress of the items brought. This way, you can manage your customer’s expectations giving them a premium customer experience. 

Comfortably Configure and Print Jewelry Tags from your Jewelry Store

As you receive new stocks in the weeks leading up to this romantic day, you can comfortably print price tags and barcodes from your POS Software. Additionally, you can create multiple versions of the same item, setting different prices for each product to serve VIP and regular customers alike.

Simplified Stock Management

With POS software, you manage and track your inventory with ease. When you set your minimum stock level, the system alerts you when you are running low and create your next purchase order. Also, you can upload bulk orders or enter them individually; Set up variant bundles based on the buyer persona so you can sell efficiently. 

Learn and Make Improvements Next Year to what your Jewelry Store offers

With access to the sales data in your point of sale system, you can learn and make improvements by next Valentine Day. Track your best sellers, what did not perform as well as expected, and when your busiest time was. These data gathered from your point of sales system will help you make an informed decision in the future as regards sales and operations. 

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Happy Almost Valentine Day!