Creating Memorable Customer Experiences Using Digital Engagements

Creating Memorable Customer Experiences Using Digital Engagements

In the restaurant industry, the need for a positive customer experience ranks high up. Customers are always looking for a consistent and wonderful experience, so it is no surprise how brands are constantly looking for how to delight their consumers. Your brand should provide multiple avenues for connection that is both efficient and convenient. With the rise of off-premises dining, thanks to the coronavirus, the need for innovation has become ever so pressing so you can get the attention of your customers.

Let us explore how your brand can create a memorable experience for your customers using the POS off-premise module. 


1. Own the Customer Experience

A fundamental first step in creating a memorable customer experience using digital engagement is getting rid of the middle man, thus owning your customer experience. No matter the argumentative points that those with opposing views might have, it is a fact that the more entities are involved in an off-premise order, the more the likelihood of a watered-down customer experience. In a nutshell, third parties complicate your process and ultimately distort your customer experience. For example, if you have your restaurant up on a platform that operates as a third-party food delivery app, in situations such as delayed delivery or mishap during the delivery process, it would be difficult for the customer not to fault your restaurant in such a situation.

It is advisable to control your customer experience and achieve a healthier relationship by limiting your reliance on third parties. To do this, you can have a delivery system like the Omega O-Menu module integrated into your POS system. You can simplify your ordering channels and avoid a breakdown in the ordering process for customers.

2. Eliminate Third-Party Fees and Regulation

There have been countless operators who get burnt by the fees and commission costs that grow pretty quickly with every third-party order. Brilliant solutions like (Portal Rest) online ordering can help keep more profits in your pockets that you can reallocate for your creative marketing and branding initiatives. Use saved expenses to reward your loyal customers or to reward yourself.

3. Provide Customers with Options to Fit Their Lifestyles

A delightful customer experience is not a one-size-fits-all, and to sort this, provide options to offer flexibility to your customers who need it. For example, the customer to order online and pick up at your restaurant or have your delivery management system sort out the delivery. In a nutshell, ordering online offers complete control of your off-premises ordering experience, helping to maximize profits. When paired with the delivery management module in our POS software, you can maintain control of the entire off-premises customer experience from start to finish. By lending simple options that give customers a feeling of order control and choice, you will reduce churn and, most importantly, provide them with a great experience.

4. Capture Customers Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers can be a challenge, but ultimately you are provided data you can use to construct a better customer experience in the future. With Our ICG customer management tool, you can customize your user interface to create a fully branded customer experience. You can also offer an online experience that still feels like your business. Using real-time, post-interaction surveys (both on and off-premise) can be a tremendous tool to help you gain insights and allow you to learn about your customer on a deeper level. This data would help you to proactively reach out to those who are not satisfied and ask them how to improve, helping you retain more customers in the long run. Use customer profile information for personalized messaging, promotional materials and to access customers’ favorite items with ease. 


Creating Memorable Customer Experiences in an Off-Premises World 

While the future is unpredictable, the effect of the pandemic will have a lasting toll on customers’ preferences and trends. While third-party apps will still be very much around, the ability for a merchant to control customers’ experience and interaction off-premises through online ordering and delivery options will take precedence in the coming year. And businesses like yours will need to prioritize solutions to maintain recognition, loyalty, and profitability. 

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