Introduction To Inventory Forecasting: How To Predict Demands

June, 1st, 2021

Introduction to Inventory forecasting: How to Predict Demands

How do you estimate the need of your customer for the future? Most retailers do not know this is very crucial to the monetary success of their retail business. Because if you have too little stock to fulfill orders, you can miss out on potential sales. Then having too much Read more

Introduction To Inventory Forecasting: How To Predict Demands

May, 25th, 2021

How to Increase Customer Engagement Through Appointment Scheduling and Personalization.

Regardless of social status, the consumer experience is steadily morphing into personalization and one-to-one interaction. And as the world continues to open up, our digitally enhanced economy is including an appointment-oriented strategy to improve customer engagement. This fast-rising service stimulated by COVID-19 social distancing practices is an innovative way to Read more

10 Types Of Retail Customers And How To Sell To Them

May, 25th, 2021

10 Types of Retail Customers and How to Sell to Them

The customer is king, they are why you have a business. And running a successful retail business means you experience customers with varying traits, your approach to each may determine whether or not they will be returning to your business or not. To help in approaching these distinctions in customers, Read more

May, 4th, 2021

Creating Memorable Customer Experiences Using Digital Engagements

In the restaurant industry, the need for a positive customer experience ranks high up. Customers are always looking for a consistent and wonderful experience, so it is no surprise how brands are constantly looking for how to delight their consumers. Your brand should provide multiple avenues for connection that is Read more

April, 27th, 2021

USING RFID AS EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance System)

With the advancements of living standards and the continuous evolution of lifestyles towards leisure and comfort, open-shelf sales have become the primary means for people to shop in most retail stores. This approach improves service quality and efficiency, but the resulting loss of goods has become a headache for business … Read more