April, 27th, 2021

USING RFID AS EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance System)


With the advancements of living standards and the continuous evolution of lifestyles towards leisure and comfort, open-shelf sales have become the primary means for people to shop in most retail stores. This approach improves service quality and efficiency, but the resulting loss of goods has become a headache for business … Read more


April, 19th, 2021

RFID for Retail Stock Control and Inventory Management

Many retail stores in Nigeria and other parts of the world regard inventory management as a challenging task this is owed mainly to the number of hours used for checking, reconciliation, and tracking stocks manually. For retailers with an Omnichannel business model where inventory gets pooled between physical and online Read more


April, 6th, 2021

How Does RFID Technology in Retail Work?

While technology has changed many aspects of the retail environment, it continues to be a sector that is constantly evolving, and RFID technology is catching up also in this environment. 

In this article, we will focus on how RFID plays a beneficial role in the retail sector. We will explain Read more


March, 30th, 2021

POS Reconciliation: All You Need To Know

If you run or manage a retail business, you must have firm control of your finance to achieve success. To be aware of how money is spent on various operations and making an informed decision about your store, you should practice pos reconciliation regularly.Read more


March, 24th, 2021

Retail Accounting Methods 101 for Retailers

For every business, it is vital to keep an accurate record of your finances. It is no surprise that retailers face unique challenges in maintaining proper financial records, monitoring and calculating the inventory. Although daunting, these tasks are essential for accurate accounting. Read on to learn about retail accounting, retail Read more

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