Access Control in Schools: 6 Reasons Why It Is Essential

Access Control in Schools: 6 Reasons Why It Is Essential

In a society dominated by insecurity, the importance of being safe and secure cannot be over-emphasized. Access control in schools is a valuable part of any school’s strategy. It is an updated and effective method of ensuring access to certain areas of a premise. Access control brings a host of benefits to your school but before we look at its benefit, let’s have a clear understanding of what access control is. 

 What Is Access Control?

Access control refers to an electronic system that provides the ability to control, monitor, and restrict access to a specific place in a building, school, or any facility at all. This system can be put in place to help screen whosoever enters into a reserved room and protect people from trespassers, walk-in thieves, and protect assets. Examples of access control include Electronic access control locks, Video surveillance systems, visitor management systems, Security turnstiles, time and attendance systems, facial recognition technologies, amongst others. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of access control technology to schools. 

Benefits of Access Control Systems in Schools

1. Security:

Intruders sometimes go unnoticed, especially, because they can appear in all sorts of forms: visitors, wards, parents, etc. It is for this reason that access control systems are so beneficial. The security of such systems not only prevents intrusion but also comes with a cautionary alarm that goes off should a security breach occur. The system works to facilitate prompt response in case of security breach giving the school management the pro-activeness to respond depending on the level of threat.

2. Identity Verification: 

One of the foremost benefits of installing access control in your school is to verify the identity of both staff and students alike. Having biometrics ensures that individuals gaining access to the building have authorized access. Unauthorized individuals get denied access to the building. The process can also apply to curb truancy in students. 

3. Secure Sensitive Areas using access control:

Access control is also used to restrict access to sensitive information such as examination reports, student/ teacher records, and areas such as laboratories, offices, isolation wards, ensure storage rooms, etc. as well as any other areas where sensitive information is kept. Such areas are only accessible to individuals with the right clearance.

4. Integration with Surveillance Video: 

With a modern access control system, you can create a multi-faceted security solution by integrating your surveillance video with your access control system. By integrating this you can set up to record a video every time a door is open thereby making two powerful tools more powerful 

5, Using Access Control in Schools for History Logging and Reports: 

Numerous incidences may occur on a school premise, an access control system is a great way through which the school can monitor such activities. The system logs and record detail of time and place and person’s identity each time access is granted to a property. This helps in conflict resolution and provides a full unbiased picture of the occurrence of events. The existence of access control systems at schools provides the management comfort of an audit trail that can be accessed at a time and will help deter the occurrence of mischief by either staff or the student.  

6. Access Control in Schools Offer Efficiency: 

Using key cards, fingerprint, or face recognition to gain access to buildings promotes an efficient and institutive school environment by eliminates the need for cumbersome keys that are easy to lose.


School security is very specific and important as young adults are a lot more vulnerable. Access control systems limit the places where an intruder can enter the school and this significantly increases the safety of pupils and staff. 

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