5 Non-Negotiable POS Features for Business Growth

5 Non-Negotiable POS Features for Business Growth

One of the ways to help your business fully maximize investments from the onset is carefully consider your point of sales system. Making the right choices with this business tool can significantly help you fuel your business growth. In our last article, we introduced the best point of sales for small businesses where we highlighted some necessary features needed for small businesses (read here). This week we are going further to add other non-negotiable POS features to facilitate your business growth.

Non-negotiable Features for Business Growth

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An efficient POS solution will have customer relationship management as a part of its capabilities. It is arguably one of the most important investments for any service-based business. In the event of returns, all the cashier has to do is check the customer’s purchase history. The customer relationship feature allows business owners and managers or marketing teams to track and engage with customers more effectively. By choosing a POS that has a CRM feature integrated, you have access to a wide array of data that helps in making marketing decisions, loyalty programs, or to improve overall customer experience. 

2. Loyalty Programs and Discounts

Loyalty programs are not necessary for everyone, but they sure do bring more revenue to your business. Use your POS to offer loyalty programs and discounts to motivate your customers to come back repeatedly and even buy more in each visit. Customer loyalty programs and discounts work not only to reward customers but to attract new ones as well. With detailed insights provided by your POS, you can delight your loyal customers by tracking certain products customers buy and then giving them a discount or giving out something as thoughtful as a birthday coupon. Therefore, you must get a solution with a built-in loyalty program that makes it easy for you to set up and running as soon as you need it.

3. Streamlined Operations and Staff Management 

Your POS should have a feature designed for employee management that helps in streamlining various aspects of your business and reinforcing accountability. With an employee management system in your POS, you can streamline your operations across all channels.

What are the metrics you set for your staff member? How do you measure these metrics? Who are your top-performing staff? Is there anyone who needs to improve? With the right employee management tool, answering these questions will be a breeze. 

4. Barcode Generator

An efficient POS system should have the capability to generate barcodes, so keeping your products tagged and trackable becomes easy. Barcode allows the inventory system to trace the location of items in your system. Barcodes are necessary from the time items enters your inventory, when you transfer from and to another store, or when you sell items. Barcodes allow for complete visibility of your items anywhere they may be within your supply chain.

5. Data Security

For any business, security is of primary importance. Your POS needs to be able to avoid unauthorized access to data collected at every point of your operations. Data protection is achievable with user-defined access via rights and privileges. When shopping for a POS System, ensure this POS feature is part of the solution being offered.

In Conclusion

Over the last two articles, we have shared various pos features your business will need to operate smoothly. By finding a solution that can meet your business needs, you position your business for further growth. 

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