10 Customer Appreciation Ideas Your Customers Will Love

10 Customer Appreciation Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Are you thankful for your customers? I know you will say you are but do you show it? Although, we just celebrated customer service week building customer loyalty should never go out of style. The awesome thing about customer appreciation is that it takes many forms, be it giving way an expensive item or, having a staff that remembers first names, there are many ways a business can make customers feel like they see and care for them. We have prepared a few inexpensive customer appreciation ideas to make your customers feel like the valued patron they are.

  1. Create a Thank You Video

Calm down I know you are camera shy. The video doesn’t have to be state of art type, a simple smartphone with a quality camera will do the trick if you can clean up and edit videos, even better! Upload your thank you video unto your social media platforms, take it a step further by emailing this video to customers on your database thanking them for patronizing your business. This endears customers to you and sets you apart from the competition


  1. Show Them You Listen

Is there something a sizable amount of customers have been complaining about? An allergic reaction to a particular product? Rather than be irritated by it, take it as useful feedback and show them you listen by acting on them, you can go a step further by sending an email to these customers highlighting the changes you have made based on their comments and thank them for helping you improve business. This positions your store as warm and welcoming and you as a store owner that truly cares.

  1. Simple Gestures

Sometimes it’s the simple gestures that make the biggest difference, and this ultimately is achieved by practicing awesome customer service like greeting when customers come in and go out (even if they leave empty-handed), smiling, and even staying open a little longer so that last-minute customer can get what they are looking for. The aim is to create an inviting atmosphere customer will notice.

  1. Throw in Free Gifts

Do you have that slow-moving stock laying in your inventory for far too long, how about you repurpose these unsold items as gifts? Move excess inventory and boost sales while delighting customers, including those hand cream in the shopping bags of customers who spend over a certain amount, they will appreciate the gesture and might discover and fall in love with a new product


  1. Take Time for face-to-face Conversation

We all want to be seen and heard, engaging your customers in a conversation is another wonderful way to thank them for supporting your business. Allow for a free-flowing conversation by asking for their experience with your product, business and beyond it, having a view of their personal lives builds a relationship and gives you clarity on how to create a more personalized experience for such customer.

  1. Personalized Experience

Speaking of personalizing, asides from asking for about the products they’ve bought in the past, a customer would surely love and appreciate the acknowledgment of their special day, you can reward customers on their special day by giving them discounts carefully chooses through the information your point of sales must have gathered, and again be sure date of expiration is added to create a sense of urgency, rewarding customers as such creates this sense of loyalty turn them even into free brand ambassadors.

  1. Give your seasonal customers attention

There are always customers who would come into your store once in a long while, more often than not it is not a fault of yours, however, there are ways to get such customers back into your store, you can start by sending we miss you message with a discount code attached this will get them back in your front door and remember to make sure this discount code has an expiration day to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Packaging

Its no argument that packaging can be quite a price, however when you take a look at big brands like Fenty, Sephora, etc. who place such high premium on the packaging, have such dedicate and loyal customers, By creating a custom package you makes it feel a lot more personal you can take it a step further by sending these packages with a handwritten note, this will help build your brand and would serve as a form of marketing User-generated content when customers post them on their social media

  1. Start a Loyalty Program

Make use of the loyalty program embedded in your point of sales system, by allowing customers to earn reward points when they shop at your store, these points can be redeemed for future purchases.

  1. Host a Customer Appreciation Week

Nothing says a thank you like a week planned around your customers, you can pool ideas on how to achieve this by asking customers for the best ways you can thank them, this can turn into an annual event and slowly build your community, even as you evolve some of the celebrations, this tactic is great even for acquiring new customers whilst keeping the ones you already have.

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