From student tracking, access control, visitor tracking to payroll preparation assistance, POS Shop Ltd offers you time and attendance solutions that help you save time and money. Time and Attendance terminals come in various forms – biometric fingerprint, key input, card reader, or combination of options. Partnering with top manufacturers of time and attendance systems, Acroprint, POS Shop Ltd offers various terminals boasting of fetaures such as clock punch, magnetic swipe, barcode, biometric or combination terminals for all your time and attendance challenges. Check out the  DC7000 Terminal. For specifc solutions, contact us.

The DC 7000 data collection terminal is an all in one reader that includes a biometric reader option, barcode reader option, magnetic stripe reader option, proximity reader or infrared reader option. It supports single or multiple input actions – fingerprint, keypad entry and card swiping. You can decide to combine options i.e. do a fingerprint scan and enter passwords via the keypad or just choose a single option for access. This feature is what makes the DC7000 stand out from any other T&A System.Designed to grow and adapt to your evolving needs, the DC7000 terminal allows you the choice of changing your access options periodically to beef up security and also disallows manipulation of data entering. The DC7000 terminal integrates seamlessly with the Acroprint Pendulum Time and Attendance Software and other custom software applications making it ideal for any time and attendance solution.


–       Flame retardant ABS shell

–       Easy to read 2-line x 20 character backlit blue alphanumeric display

–       Multiple communications options

–       Supports multiple input options – proximity or barcode badges, fingerprint

biometrics and terminal keypad entry

–       Long lasting Lithium battery and flash memory


–       Collects data for time tracking, time and attendance applications, job

costing/labour distribution, inventory control, controlled access,

material tracking or machine monitoring.

–       Easily integrates with existing network

–       Stores 20,000 + events internally between pollings and its flash memory

protects data without the need for external power


Display 2-line x 20 character blue backlit LCD (alphanumeric)
Memory Flash: 1MB(2MB optional)

SRAM: 512KB(1MB optional)

FRAM: 128KB(256KB optional)

Data Flash: 512KB(optional)

Power 120/240V. 50Hz wall mount transformer 9volt AC, 1000mA minimum
Battery Capabilities Internal Lithium Battery powers the real time clock for up to 10 years. Data is retained in FRAM which does not require external power
Media Input Integral keypad, magnetic stripe card reader(ABAII), barcode reader code 39 interleaved 2 0f 5 (visible or infrared), external barcode reader, pen wand, integrated fingerprint reader, proximity reader 125KHz RFID or HID 26 Bit
Communications RS232, R5485 2 wire single terminal or multi-dropped protocols (LAN), internal 56K-baud modem, Ethernet/Internet TCP/IP(R545), 10/100 BaseT
Printer Connection Serial port RJ11 modular, parallel port 25-pin DB
Enclosure Flame retardant polycarbonate/ABS, with reversible wall mounting bracket and secured access door that protects I/O ports
System Requirements Works with Acroprint Pendulum Software and custom software applications. Requires Windows 2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista
Dimensions 23cm(W) x 6cm(D) x 16cm(H)
Shipping Weight 4 lbs


Acroprint manufactures and distributes accurate, reliable and affordable time and attendance products, document stamps, and software based time and attendance solutions for organizations round the world. Their products include biometric time and attendance systems, barcode time and attendance system and magnetic time and attendance systems.