Time and Attendance Software

Terminals that record and keep information on time in time out need software to run them.

POS Shop Ltd makes use of leading time and attendance solutions provider, Acroprint, most popular softwares

– Pendulum

– TimeQPlus

These softwares are designed to integrate seamlesly into any existing ERP.

Pendulum Time & Attendance Software

The Pendulum software is a full function time and attendance software that apart from time and attendance taking performs other functions using the time and attendance data it has collected. These functions include:

  1. Employee attendance tracking and time calculation (overtime or absences)
  2. Track employee departmental transfer, job transfers, departmental schedules.
  3. Management report generation

Pendulum software is so flexible that it accommodates unlimited number of employees and up to 25 administrative users. Each administrative user can be assigned a unique user ID and password and filters by user ID ensures supervisors access only the information they need. As your business grows and number of users expand, the system can be upgraded or configured to meet your new requirements.



–    Shift and pay period options

–    Robust reporting features – over 70 standard reports

–    Optional modules – email upgrade, job costing, input validation,     access control, lockout control, signal control.



–    Supports a n unlimited number of fixed, flexible or open shifts, weekly, biweekly, semi monthly or monthly pay periods allowing you to manage your business and workforce your way.

–    Optional modules expand system functionality allowing you customise the software to meet your specific business need

–    Reports can be displayed on screen, printed, sent to a data file or emailed directly to employees and supervisors using the optional email upgrade module

–    Tracks and reports piece rates, quantity, department job changes, actual and scheduled versus budgeted costs using the optional job costing module

–    Uses the optional input validation module to validate job numbers at the terminal ensuring that only valid job numbers are inputed.

–    The optional access control module allows you control door access by employee

–    The optional lockout control module controls unauthorised overtime by controlling what times employees are allowed to clock in or out.

–    Ring bells or horns at specific time and days of the week using the signal control module



Optional modules Job costing module

Input validation module

Access control module (requires additional hardware)

Lockout control module (can be combined with access control)

Signal control module (requires additional hardware)

Email upgrade module

System requirements Windows XP Home and Pro x86SPE

Windows Server 2003 Standard & Enterprise R2 x64/x86

Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate & Enterprise x64/x86

Widows 2008 Server Standard & Enterprise x64/x86


With 500 MB available hard disk space


Input device options DC 7000 data collection terminal

Acroprint HandPunch biometric hand geometry reader