After investing in a suitable printer for your operations, it would be false economy to use consumables that are of low quality. The quality of consumables used will determine the finish of the output. Using the wrong consumable can cause damage to the print head which is a valuable and essential working part of any printer.

Thermal Paper Rolls

The quality of paper used with your printer can determine the output of your printer as well as its life span. POS Shop Ltd stock different thermal paper sizes to fit with any model of thermal printer. For supplies of the suitable paper for your printer model.

Ribbons for Dot Matrix Printers

Low quality ribbons can be abrasive and like low quality paper rolls, when used can cause damage to the print head of a printer thus reducing the working efficiency of your printer and reducing the life span in the long run. For quality ribbons for all dot matrix printer models.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are special papers on which barcodes are printed on. For quality barcode labels of different sizes to suit your printer model.