Omega Software

Omega Software is an advanced solution software with different specialists modules – O-Market, O-Live, O-Tel.

Omega software is aimed at effective management of sales and inventory. With all Omega software modules , you are better able to keep track of inventory item from the time of stock in (purchase) to stock out (sales or transfer between branches). All modules have specialized and unique features that tackle the challenges of the industry they are designed for. Modules can be integrated to meet the specific needs of clients.

Another great quality of Omega Software is its accounting module which have the ability to generate accounting reports. With every transaction made, reports based on sales and inventory such as food costs, sales analysis, purchases, stock report, operating costs, etc are generated. These reports could even be derived in charts or graphs. Omega accounts module eases the work of accountants as every transaction automatically goes into preparing individual customer’s statement of accounts, the company’s income statement, balance sheet, general ledger and such accounting reports. These reports can be derived for any period of time. Reports can be exported instantly to Microsoft Excel, PDF or html.

Omega’s unique programming provides an audit service to monitor and control the company’s cashier. Receipt and payment vouchers automatically generated when cash payments or expenses are made can be printed or viewed and checked against the cash book

O-Market is a complete solution for retail outlets – supermarkets, pharmacies, salons, boutiques,etc.

O-Marketl captures customer database, payment, discount, tax, service, currencies, tip management and allows dual screen and multi-language.

The Point of Sales features allows each terminal to be customised to suit needs as colours, size, icons can be changed. O-Market offers a complete solution for back office management, inventory management system, head office and branches, wireless stock taking solution, web reporting, and offers an accounting interface with Omega Accounts.

 Track serial number
 RFID ready
 Repairs, Rental of Equipments
 Manage Layaways
 Dual Screen on P.O.S terminals
 Four Price Levels
 Time and Attendance
 Barcode Generator and Labels Printing
 Advanced Item Search
 Paid in and Paid out
 Multi Language
 Multi-Currency
 Changing of selling price mode while selling
 Multiple Discounts
 Multiple Payment currencies (settle an invoice by Euro, USD..)
 Multi-Hold and Recall Transactions
 Customers’ Database
 Customers’ Credit Limits
 Credit card authorization
 City ledger or account receivable
 Customers’ Statistics and History on Screen
 Home Delivery (Caller id, Drivers, Future Delivery Orders)
 Automatic Discount for Customers
 Refunds
 Markups
 Five Tax levels
 Dual Currency on the Invoice and on Screen
 Customized invoice format (make your own invoice format…)

O-Live is a complete solution for restaurants. You have ready information and complete history of an item – purchase date, quantity in stock, cost price, average selling price (taking in account price change), expiry date, minimum and maximum limit for reorder purposes; and complete information on your suppliers and customers.

O-Live goes beyond sales and inventory management. It is used for efficient table and floor management, and kitchen coordination.

-For table and floor management, O-Live has a programme that displays the number of tables available at any given time -number of reserved tables, tables currently in use, seating arrangement which invariably help in seating of guests and distributing guests equally amongst available servers. O-Live gives you the option of splitting sales i.e. orders made from a particular table can be split into different bills.

-In kitchen coordination, O-Live helps to effectively manage service time. Its unique programming allows for data entries like customer recipe preference, table status and food orders, making basic information, necessary for better service readily available to the kitchen staff. This unique programming makes O-Live ideal for quick service restaurants (fast food and take away).

O-Live is also ideal for home delivery businesses. Its programming helps to make readily available a complete database on customers – phone numbers, addresses, email, recipe preference, birthday/anniversaries, and even derive an internal code for each customer; manage delivery drivers – drivers’status (i.e. in or out), time in-time out; take phone orders; transmit orders to appropriate quarters.

O-Tel is a specially designed software for hotels because of its ability for front-desk management. It has a unique programming that helps effectively manage the front desk giving you ready information on room bookings and reservations (number of reserved rooms, number of rooms currently in use, number of void rooms which helps in knowing readily the number of currently available rooms). With O-Tel, double bookings and lost room reservations become myths.

O-Tel billing system allows you keep track of a particular room’s expenses irrespective of service – laundry, restaurant, bar, telephone, internet service, etc. When a particular room makes orders from different departments -bar, kitchen, laundry, etc, O-Tel gives you the option of merging the orders into one bill or keeping the bill separate for each department.