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POS Shop Ltd manufacturing solutions cater to all fields of manufacturing using barcode printing, labelling and scanning solutions

-In Agriculture: label crates of harvested crops or animal produce with barcode labels encoded with lot numbers, harvested date, expiration date, field or herd data and more for easy and better management at supply and distribution point.

-In Food and Supply chain: using barcode printers and RFID technology to label and tag pallets, crates or individual items providing you with real time information on the location, condition, delivery time, expiry date of products and much more.

-In Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices: the clinical environment requires accurate data during its clinical trials. Use POS Shop built to last barcode and RFID printing solutions to accurately track case reports and clinical supplies.

-In Metal, Mining, Electrical equipment, Electronics, Car Parts Productions, etc: improve planning, scheduling, yard and distribution centres with real time tracking using EAS solutions and providing distinguishable and anti- counterfeiting ID for products, components and parts using POS Shop barcode printing solutions.

POS Shop manufacturing solutions comprises a combination of products which include: