ICG Software is an enterprise resource planner(ERP) that offers centralised management of all establishments and franchises and a communication system to obtain all sales information in real time, converting it in the most complete solution for retail businesses. ICG Software is the working tool that will make your business more profitable.

ICG FrontRetail

ICG FrontRetail software is a software for retail management . This software is an enterprise resource planner (ERP) for retail shops like supermarkets, pharmacies, boutiques, shoe shops, perfume shops, salons, spas, ehite goods stores, telephone stores, bakeries, hardware stores and all other businesses that buy and sell finished products. It assists retailers or wholesalers manage their businesses be it a one cash point business or multiple cash points in one shop location or several branch locations. Main features of the FrontRetail are:

  • Control of all cash transactions
  • Manage stock taking
  • Track stock per section, gamma, product, size, colour, brand, department, year, reference or description
  • Purchase forecast
  • Reserves and supplies management reports to accounts
  • Sales waiting by seller
  • Customer credit limit, offers and promotions, clients loyalty, loan, discount cheques and coupons management
  • Label printing
  • Connection to various POS peripherals – barcode reader for clearing item for sale, fingerprint reader for staff identification, scales for sales items by weight, receipt printers, cash drawers for cash withdrawal warning
  • Shift or daily cash closing with or without cash declaration

FrontRetail can be installed on a single point of sale terminal or a local network of sales terminals.

ICG FrontRest

ICG FrontRest software is the most complete software to manage and control restaurants, pizzerias or cafeterias with minimal effort. This solution allows you to optimise your operations. All sales functions and statistics have been designed so you will be able to attend to customers faster and obtain a higher use of your tables. Basic features of the FrontRest are:

  • Recipe management
  • Define compound items (e.g. recipe with the detailed compositon of a plate)
  • Item modifiers and formats (e.g garnish control or as in cocktails, doses of different drinks)
  • Table status control
  • Manage stock levels (both primary materials and beverages)
  • Printouts of orders in kitchen
  • Make orders to suppliers and enter purchases
  • Connection to various POS peripherals – handheld terminals for taking orders and transferring orders to the kitchen, receipt printers in the kitchen for printing out orders, kitchen screen for display of orders.

FrontRest contemplates all needs of any restaurants, pizzeria or cafeteria helping to perform all necessary functions in the point of sale in a flexible and intuitive way.

FrontRest can be installed in a single point of sales or on a local network of point of sales terminals. In the same way, you can install one or several screens or printers in the product preparation sites (kitchen, bar, wine cellar, etc).

ICG FrontHotel

ICG FrontHotel software allows you manage your hotel in a unified way irrespective of departments and types of businesses offered by the hotel – frontdesk, housekeeping, laundry services, restaurant, golf course, terrace bar, etc. The main features of the FrontHotel are:

  • Manage reservations ( individual, group, internet bookings) and quotes
  • Management of amenities and room service
  • Quick and efficient check in/check out procedure
  • Automatic billing – allocation of fixed charges, billing several rooms and services on one bill detailing the charges or groupings, associate various reservations in one bill
  • Automated invoicing to travel agencies
  • Check available credit of a room
  • Records any changes by employee, date, time, etc
  • Stock control
  • Assigning of tasks to employees in housekeeping/ laundry services
  • Create reports for monitoring and tracking of reservations
  • Comparative reports on room occupation between two periods by type of accommodation, etc.
  • Daily closing reports – charges of the day, rooms without charge, rooms occupied, extra charges and discounts, etc.
  • Connects to external devices – switchboard for billing calls made from the room extensions; document scanner to avoid error and facilitate data entry of occupants (passports, drivers license, etc); biometric reader for staff login to terminal

FrontHotel is expandable according to the needs and dimensions of the hotel – unlimited number of rooms, a single establishment, local or international chain.


ICGManager is an enterprise software simply referred to as the back office system where things like purchases, sales and inventory management are done. ICGManager automatically imports all transactions done at the front office over the internet. Irrespective of number of cash points, branch locations, brands, business type, department, ICGManager integrates them into a centralised location. ICGManager allows you perform the following functions:

  • Sales tracking – real time sales data gives you first hand information on the complete cycle of a sale
  • Purchase management
  • Stock control and tracking
  • Deferred billing
  • Transfers between warehouses or departments
  • Automated replenishment using previously defined stock levels
  • Rank sales per items, customers, business areas, departments, brands, suppliers, etc
  • Financial management – risk control, forecast payment to a supplier, control the different maturity types(pending, held, on consignment, repaid or returned), bank reconciliation, monitoring and control of receipts and payments, etc
  • Accounting – configure chart of accounts, cost centre accounting, depreciation, etc
  • Transfer accounting data to other applications
  • Generate and customise reports to specification – excel, HTML, XML, text and send reports via email or save.
  • Compare sales and purchases for various periods – day, week, month, year, previous year, inter-month,etc
  • Centralised management of items –create, purchase, update price of item without having to go physically to each outlet
  • Connects with all front applications– FrontRetail, FrontRest, FrontHotel and ICGPocket Manager

With ICGManager distances don’t matter as you centrally manage all your establishments. ICGManager guarantees improved production processes and reduces production cost thanks to the real time analytical statistics it provides. With SQL server, data is always safe regardless of bad network connections or overloads.

ICGManager adapts to the size of your company, from single user to a local network with dozens of terminals


ICGPocketManager handles all inventory and sales management via a wireless PDA whether at the warehouse, on the field or on site. ICGPocketManager allows you perform the following functions:

  • procurement – manual entry of purchase orders based on stock levels and delivery terms.
  • receive items against the orders, labelling or warehouse location.
  • inventory analysis and planning either by zones, partial or total.
  • preparation and validation of delivery notes.
  • wireless printing