Easily have access to information that aids in patient care at all levels – labs, blood banks, pharmacy, admin, etc, using barcode and RFID printing, barcode labelling solutions.

-In Laboratories and Blood Bank:


for specimen labelling, easy documentation, test results, sample identification, patient files, inventory control and secure ID and access control cards for the staff.


-In Pharmacy:


encode doses and drug components, label repackaged drugs, issue automatic invoices using barcode printing and receipt printing solutions from POS Shop Ltd for easy access to prescription information to nurses and care givers.



-In Patient and New Born ID: print on demand colour coded wristbands with texts, graphics and barcode encoded with patient information enabling care providers (nurses, ambulance personnel, doctors, etc) give quick and errorless service.patient









-In Veterinary Service: use data capture solutions and barcode printing and labelling solutions for better patient care and inventory control. Label specimens and patient files for easy access to patient information even when you are outdoors.

POS Shop solution for healthcare comprises a combination of products which include: