Restaurant POS Software for Employee Management

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In the cut-throat world of the restaurant business, maintaining good relationships with employees is as important as maintaining good relationships with customers. Great communication help teams work together seamlessly during chaotic shifts. It helps you know what’s going on with your restaurant; it unifies the front and back-of-house and makes it easier for employees to stick around. After all, the better the rapport between you and your employees, the better they will do their jobs, and the more likely customers will return again and again. Here are ways your restaurant POS software can improve employee relations:

1. Scheduling:

Your restaurant pos software can create schedules that accommodate employees’ needs without harming your business. These schedules can be generated from an already existing template that has information about when individual employees are on/ off shifts and which shifts they aren’t able to work because of school classes or other commitments. Scheduling module also enhances employees’ relationships by making it easy for members of staff to request time offs, shift swaps, pick up additional time, etc. All these pieces of information are updated in real-time as the schedules get approved. This helps foster better communication between staff, and also between management and staff.

2.Employee Management:

Using a complete pos solution you can manage, control theft, and monitor staff performance by spooling various detailed reports at each cash point, thereby reducing blame games from members of staff. This encourages transparency and helps you keep control of your business.

3. Time and Attendance: 

The integrated time and attendance management module found in most restaurant POS solution help manage employee time-tracking. This report can be run periodically and exported for payroll preparation. This will lead to more accurate paychecks, which propagates more positive relationships between you and everyone on your staff, all thanks to a capability within your restaurant POS solution.

4. Staff Benefits and Rewards: 

Pos software is as transparent as it can get. All reports generated with zero errors. Just as employee work hours are properly reflected on the system, benefits data are also reflected. For example, if there is a reward for a staff member that comes extra early, the fingerprint check-in logs this in, and at the end of the month, the winner will be awarded the right reward. This eliminates hanky-panky and preferential treatments.

5. Menu Update:

In a fast-paced restaurant with an optimized sales process, the POS software allows for inventory and menu specials to be updated in real-time. This way communication is centralized with all staff members, management can update menus, adjust specials, and adapt to rush hours effortlessly. The menu management module in your software can deliver secure information on the menu. It can help determine which menu items and modifiers are sent to the various preparation printers, make changes to large numbers of menu items, quickly review critical sales information for individual menu and menu items. It also provides updates on new food regulations and other critical information.

6. Reduction In Error:

Staff communication improves when there is a significant reduction in error around the restaurant. Communication becomes seamless when table management system – digital or wireless orderings like iPad and Android tablets, is used for ordering by the customer. This eliminates errors due to sometimes inaccurate written orders. A POS system with a kitchen display function that sends orders right from the point-of-sale to the kitchen can make order management easier and kitchen efficiency simpler.


In addition to what your pos can do for employee management, it is advisable to have regular staff check-ins, encourage staff feedback and maybe a get-together meal with your staff. This would make them feel valued and in turn help your business thrive. 

If you are looking to get a reliable restaurant pos software that can perform all the functions above and more, contact us to get the Omega O-live and the ICG FrontRest. These solutions are tested and trusted to serve your business for as long as you want. 

Benefits of POS Software to Hospitality Industry

hospitality pos software

Pos software has numerous benefits for the hospitality business. The hospitality industry is a field within the service industry that primarily focuses on customer satisfaction and meeting leisure needs, as opposed to basic needs as most of the other industries do. It is made up of three primary areas; 

  1. Accommodations: which include hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging businesses. 
  2. The next is food and beverage: This area comprises restaurants, fast food chains, etc. 
  3. And the last area is travel and tourism which includes airlines, trains, and cruise ships.

The various areas of this industry have a common focus which is the customer. The backbone of this industry encompasses customer service. Although this concept is shared by all sector it is, however, an utmost priority when it comes to the hospitality industry. So gaining loyal customers, satisfying the ones you have, and staying on top of your inventory can be done with good hospitality pos software without needing to be in multiple places at the same time.

Hospitality pos software has numerous benefits for your business. Examined below are some benefits a proper hospitality management software can offer your business.

Benefits of Hospitality software

  1. Optimize Your Sales Process

    The hospitality software helps your staff understand and present your services better. With just one click all information about the service comes up making it readily accessible, This way presenting and convincing prospects become much easier. You can also monitor staff presence with fingerprints, check-in and check out and audit all transactions by the user. You can collect sales quickly in cash, credit card or voucher and even split a sale easily all in just one click. This not only eases your employee and give them time to attend to other customers, but it also keeps the customer coming back.

  2. Bookings & Table Reservation

    A hospitality software would help you manage your revenue by improving check-in, check out, invoicing, etc. With rates and packages already set customers can make direct reservations and multiple bookings in a matter of minutes. Dining reservations are effortless as the software helps you by using table inventory to track customers’ sitting and dining preferences. This can help maximize and provide a superior guest experience. 

  3. Floor/ Table Occupancy Management

    This involves “Status Indicator” which specifies whether each table is being serviced in time according to preset standards for each service through simple color coding, with the ability to show the tables on floor maps configured to fit your restaurant’s design. You can also configure the software to leave sales on hold either by the waiter or by a client. This allows the waiter to tend to other tables or sales without closing the other table.

  4. Menu Maintenance/Recipe Management

    You can maintain an unlimited number of menu items, an unlimited number of ingredient items, analyze menu item sales, costs and profits with user-definable reports. You can also maintain multiple price levels for a single menu item (e.g. Happy Hour price, price by Revenue Center, etc.), Apply up to three different tax rates. You can easily make changes to large numbers of menu items quickly, review critical sales information for individual menu items. Also, you can develop a manufacturing datasheet and recipe breakdown, define each dish composition to manage costs, control the stock of raw materials, and define the sale price of each item according to the production cost.

  5. Management Reporting

    You can pull up reports to control and improve the workflow. With one click, all reports can be exported in various formats including Excel, PDF, Access, etc. Reports can be automatically generated and sent by email at closing to managers and owners. Examples of reports you can get are Tables’ Turnover, Average Check, Time Reports, Sales by Time slot, Bestseller Lists by Time and Quantity, Comparative Sales (Daily, Monthly, Yearly), and much more.

  6. Stock Management/Inventory

     With the inventory system, you can manage effectively warehousing, get a real-time update of Inventory items quantity on hand based on the recipe, consumptions, calculate sales forecasts, know instantly your replacement needs and generate and send automatically purchase orders to your clients via email.

  7. Customer Loyalty

    The software helps in knowing your loyal customers (customer name on the invoice, sales statistics by customer, best customers, customers grouping, customers merging, etc.). This can help you set up multiple promotional offers to keep customers coming back. Adding automatic discounts for your loyal customers becomes much easier, giving loyal customers different card types (prepaid, VIP, points, etc.) that can be applied without employee intervention. You can also tailor promotions and offers by customer based on their triggers/preferences. 


All of these and so much more are achievable when a business uses the hospitality Pos software. It helps you get a clear cut picture of how your organization is working. It also leaves customers satisfied, thereby turning them into loyal customers and opening doors for recommendation to others.


A point of sales system is essential to any business. Asides aiding a business provide quality service to customers which is important, it also supplies you with the necessary tools to track your sales and inventory. So, as you set out to look for a solution that suits your business, you might be wondering, “what makes a Point of Sale the best?”, “What are the best pos solutions in Nigeria?” I would say look at solutions offered by POS Shop Limited, and you would get your answer.

POS Shop Limited is a Nigerian based software solutions company that has been around for over twenty-five years. We partner with major multinational companies to provide global solutions that meet various business needs in the retail, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Just as the saying, “…variety is the spice of life”, POS Shop Limited offers you a variety of options to pick from. Below are some of the software solutions we offer.


ICG Software is an enterprise resource planner(ERP) that offers centralized management of all establishments and franchises and a communication system to obtain all sales information in real-time. This Software Solution is a working tool that will make your business more profitable.

The solution is divided into various modules

pos solutions

ICG FrontRest 

is a recognized tool for the hospitality and catering industry. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use without sacrificing any functionalities. Designed for use on touch screens.

Some of the functions the ICG Front rest can perform

  1. FrontRest helps waiters to take orders quickly.
  2. The CRM system saves customer records, so employees do not have to re-enter the customer’s information when the same customer reorders, 
  3. Each order can be sent to a kitchen printer or it can be shown on a kitchen screen, reducing preparation time.
  4. Also, you can increase your income and earn your customer’s loyalty with different cards: Prepaid, VIP’s, points, etc.

All these and so much more can be gotten from the ICG FrontRest.


pos solutionsICG FrontRetail

is software for retail management, it is an intuitive and easy to use solution which has preconfigured templates for retail industries like boutiques, shoe stores, sports shops, perfumeries, appliances, supermarkets, etc. It assists retailers or wholesalers manage their businesses be it a one cashpoint business or multiple cash points in one shop location or several branch locations. 

Some Key Functionalities are:

  1.  It manages items by barcodes, reference, serial numbers, groups, sizes, colors, descriptions, brands, etc. 
  2. The software handles several rates, offers, and discounts, Mix&Match, etc
  3. It regulates collections, payments, and automatic cash counts. Control clients credit limit and much more
  4. Helps with Sales ranking by items, sellers, clients, comparative between periods, yields statistics… 
  5. Stock control, goods reception, goods transfer, item labels printout. 


ICG Manager 

is the center of operations in the ICG infrastructure. The Manager is ICG’s Enterprise Management software. Its different versions allow you to adapt to any company that has multiple sites, which allows the total centralization of data, configuration, and activity. The different modules available allow you to manage all areas of the company with total efficiency, security, and versatility. Its powerful reporting module, Cubes, and Business Intelligence allow you to analyses the company in a very comprehensive way.


For a more advanced solution incorporating mobile sales, warehousing, advanced reporting and statistical analysis for strategic planning and decision making, ICG offers other modules such as ICGHotel, ICG StockManager, ICG Analytics, and ICG BusinessIntelligence. The robust features ICG offers makes it one of the best pos solutionS in Nigeria.



Omega Pos is a worldwide Point of Sale company that provides point of sales solutions for the Hospitality and Retail industries. This solution helps your business save time, increase efficiency, perform day-to-day operations effectively and keep up with the fast-changing world.

Some of the modules from Omega Pos are:


is a complete solution for restaurants. You have ready information and complete history of an item – purchase date, quantity in stock, cost price, average selling price (taking in account price change), expiry date, the minimum and maximum limit for reorder purposes; and complete information on your suppliers and customers.

Some of its functionalities are

  1. Table reservation
  2. Table management
  3. Digital menu
  4. Wireless ordering (Mobile POS solution designed for Ipods and Ipads)
  5. Stock Management
  6. Management reporting and so much more


pos solutionsO-Market 

This retail management software is an advanced software solution to manage your business, provides comprehensive Retail Point-Of-Sale (POS) lets you customize product options, tax rules, receipt content, categories, layout and much more. 

Key Functionalities are

  1. Stock management i.e from quoting and invoicing to purchasing and inventory. Easily sell, receive, count, transfer, track and analyze your inventory.
  2. Serial Number Tracking 
  3. Time and attendance (keep track of your employees)
  4. Customer loyalty


pos solutions



is a specially designed software for hotels because of its ability for front-desk management. It has unique programming that helps effectively manage the front desk giving you ready information on room bookings, With O-Tel, double bookings and lost room reservations become myths.

  1. Allows multiple bookings, with special discounted rates for Corporate and Travel Agent commissions calculated and accounted for automatically.
  2. Handle deposit and refund related functions with ease, generating detailed reports for your records.
  3. Manage the room types, features, amenities, connecting rooms, room status, housekeeping, room statistics, availability,
  4. It allows you to process settlements with multiple currencies and print bills in foreign currencies.


Omega has other modules that expand the usage across different points of the business such as loyalty, accounting, delivery, and call center. This also makes it one of the best pos solutions in Nigeria.



Hiopos is a cloud-based android solution that is suited for bars, cafes, beauty parlor, salons/spas, pizzerias, mini-marts and so much more. Some of its key functionalities are:

  1. Easy configuration for any business type
  2. Works with or without internet
  3. Available information in the cloud with maximum security
  4. Set up pos by area and language in one click

As far as cloud-based pos solutions are rated, the Hiopos solution ranks as one of the best solutions here in Nigeria as it offers you flexibility for both online and offline transactional activity.



While AssetWin may not be generally classified as a pos solution, we will like to add it in here, because, from experience, most chain businesses require an asset tracking solution that they can incorporate into their pos system for efficient tracking of equipment across all locations.

AssetWin is the most adaptable and scalable cloud or locally installed fixed asset tracking software that tracks and manages assets from anywhere, at any time with fully integrated mobile functionality to support any available devices, operating system, platform (Android, IOS, and Windows), to meet the needs of small businesses, enterprise, educational institutions, and hospitals.

Some of its key features are:

  1. Track asset from anywhere
  2. Built-in reporting
  3. Eliminate data entry mistakes
  4. Easy data presentation
  5. Simply Scan asset location

POS Shop Ltd Asset Tracking Solution enables organizations to keep track of their movable assets (products, tools, equipment, and machinery) and helps supervisors in charge of them keep better accounts of the life cycle of a product or equipment.


As mentioned earlier, at POS Shop, we partner with renowned solution companies to bring to you top-notch solutions. Just like our motto “integrity-driven professional service”, we provide services with utmost professionalism and integrity. Our customers can testify to how we have added to their success stories.

If you would like to know more about these solutions or would like a free demo you can reach out to us at We are ready to talk about your business with you.

Valentine’s Day Shopping: A Retailers Guide


valentine's day shopping


The new year comes with a myriad of opportunities for most businesses. However, Valentine’s Day is the first date a retailer has to plan towards. Apart from the fact that it is the most romantic time of the year, it is also the biggest spending holiday after the festive season, so adequate planning is required of every retailer for Valentine’s Day shopping. You should be well prepared to cater to your customers who want to get the perfect gift for a loved one.

If you are not quite sure what to do, here are some tips and tricks to help you

1. Make Your Marketing Helpful for Valentine’s Day shopping

Let your customers know you mean business by decorating your store according to the theme. The store window is very important advertising space for any retailer. Use this space to put up colorful signs and valuable information about your product. Be creative – decorate your windows with a sense of love. Inside and outside of your store should be seamless with the decorations. You can hang up hearts and cupids for more statements.

2. Creative gift ideas

As Valentine’s Day hedges closer, you can promote your business by orienting your marketing materials around valentine’s day requests, suggestions, and deadlines. You can also send reminders via email and social media. Pair this with special Valentine Day deals. Provide coupons to motivate customers to get gifts for their loved ones. You can also cater to your customers by providing useful information and suggestions. It shows that you are not just for the money but their satisfaction.

3. Set up a complimentary gift-wrapping station

This screams good customer service. When customers know they can get gifts at your store, and have it ready to go, it will encourage them to buy from you.

4. Make It Easy to Buy Online

valentine's day shopping

Cater to Valentine’s Day shoppers by making your products easy to buy online. Curate products and items that you sell that make sense to give as gifts. Curate gift ideas for targeted recipients like girlfriends, spouse, family, colleagues, etc. You can also group items by taste or by price or by specific interest.

Update your online storefront by making gifts items easy to find, make shipping information simple to find, read, and understand. Send out specialized alerts and discount codes for customers to use when they buy online or in your store. You can also combine the online experience with your physical storefront by allowing customers to order online and pick up in-store. 


5. Lastly, keep an eye on your physical inventory

December and January were busy months with sales high up there thanks to the festive period. However, it is not yet time to relax, because February is the first major sales month for the new year. This calls for adequate preparation. As Valentine’s Day approaches, make sure shelves are stocked with products relevant to the season and can cater to the needs of your customer. You can stay on top of your inventory by getting a pos solution like ICG or OMEGA POS software.

Moving Forward with Valentine’s day shopping

Essentially, doing anything you can to ease some stress or frustration around the valentine’s season will make a big impact on your customers. Do what you can to help them save money and time and you can easily become the go-to retailer for the season.

Steps to Preparing your Business for the New Year

preparing your business for the new year. image contains text and arrow


As we ring in the new year and a new decade, it is time for businesses to take a step back and reflect on their business performance in the previous year. A good way to start is by reviewing your goals to see which of them were met, and which weren’t due to one or more reasons; then put together strategies on how you can improve on them in the new year. Here are some of the most important business planning activities for preparing your business for the New Year.

1. Run Your Financial Reports

Financial analysis and reporting are one of the bedrocks of a successful business. While you may already know that financial reporting is important (mainly because it is a legal requirement in most countries), there are benefits attributed to having a financial statement.

Optimizing financial data with the help of an efficient point of sales data reporting feature like (Omega O-Track Omega and ICG Accounting) allows you to leverage metrics or insights to make significant improvements to the very area that allows your business to flow. Periodical reports also give get a better understanding of how your business is performing financially.

Here are three key financial reports that can give business owners a valuable perspective on the growth and development of their businesses. These three reports are collectively known as financial statements and are critical to the better management of your business.

·        Profit-or-Loss Statement: Also known as the Income statement, these reports show revenues generated during a certain period, the costs incurred to generate those revenues and the profits or losses. 

·        Balance Sheet: The Balance Sheet presents a financial report of a business as of a specific date. It runs down the assets, its liabilities and the equity of the business. Another name for this is the Statement of Financial Position.

·        Statement of Cash Flow: This financial statement combines information from both the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet to give a picture of how cash is going into and out of the business. It is very essential to help a business have a smooth day-to-day operation.

If you don’t have an accountant to help with these tasks, there are software programs like O-Track and ICG Accounting that can help you run these reports and manage other business-related tasks with ease.


2. Review and Reflect on the past 12 months

The new year usually puts you in a mode of reflection. You’re thinking about New Year’s resolutions as well as reminiscing the business year. 

When reflecting, its best to look back at both the good and the bad sides of things. Perform a SWOT analysis – a review of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, take stock of where your business is at with regards to where you want to be, evaluate what went well for your business and areas in which you can improve. You must be thorough in your reflections as the more detailed they are, the better you’ll be able to reflect on them. This directly correlates to the next step.


3. Plan for the next 12 months.

You have done your reflecting and reviewing the past year, turn feedback into action by setting goals.

Create a broad goal for the entire year, take a good look at your accomplishments in the last year. If you aren’t meeting your financial and personal goals, it might be time to reevaluate your business practices. Also, add smaller goals that complement and help you reach your main goal. From there, create an outline of how you’ll reach those goals, and when you want to accomplish them, and ways that you can ensure you stay on track. This becomes your action plan for the year.


4. Updating/ Renewing your point of sales License 

Your point of sale (POS) software license expires before you get a chance to renew, all your cash points stop functioning and this affects your sales. More often than not service provides send an email when support or software needs to be renewed, but as one can imagine, software expires at different times and mails can be forgotten, it is, however, advisable to have an excel spreadsheet where you can track your last renewal date and the next one to avoid hitches in your business operations.


5. Maintenance and Repair

Inevitably machines and machinery deteriorate due to wear and tear. Repair and Maintenance involve the restoration of machinery, equipment, and other products to working order. The new year is the best time to do routine maintenance (i.e., servicing) on your products to ensure they work efficiently and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs. Make sure your store looks and smells fresh. File all your loose hanging documents and replenish your inventory if you haven’t been keeping up since last year.


6. Sit Down with Your Team

Employees are the backbone of any business. As the new year starts, set up a meeting to discuss your plans and goals for the new year It is important employees buy into your vision; that way the team can work towards achieving set goals. Inform them about performance areas that need improvement. Also, schedule some time to speak to your employees individually and appreciate them by letting them know what they’re doing well. You should also encourage them to better their performances in the New Year. This is a crucial step in preparing your business for the new year.


7. Take a Much-Needed Break

Preparing your business for the New Year without a doubt pays greatly, so when all the preparation is done and set, you should aim to take out little time for yourself as a business owner, plan a few days away where you can recharge and refuel. You’ll reenter the workplace with determination and a firmer commitment to building your business.




Converting Complaining Customers to Loyal Customers

No one likes dealing with complaining customers. However, one of the rules of retail is that customers are always right – even when they are technically wrong. Complaints are bound to come up no matter the kind of business you run, but how you deal with them is what determines if your customers will stay, how long they will stay or if they will leave. Want to learn how to convert complaining customers to loyal customers? Below are some tips to help you deal with these as gracefully as possible.

two hands in a handshake. converting comlaining customers to loyal customers

1. Put Aside Your Feelings

The feeling to act all defensive is quite normal when customers complain about your products and services, but try not to bring up arguments to counter theirs and defend your business. You must listen to complaints, and try to see ways in which you can satisfy every customer no matter how difficult or somewhat impossible it may be. If the customer is already aggrieved about the situation, being defensive will only tick them off a tad more. Try not to take offense. Rather, allow them to vent, then you either proffer a solution to the problem or promise to find one as soon as possible.


2. Apologize

A wise person once said” Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego. “. As a retailer, your goal is to have your customers walk away feeling like you genuinely appreciate them. Let them know you are sorry and will work to provide a better experience for them shortly.


3. Don’t Challenge their Complaint

Oftentimes when customers come with a complain, it takes genuine effort not to tell them they are wrong. Especially when they are truly wrong, you are not expected to show this, as it won’t help in diffusing the pent-up anger the customer has. The best solution in such a situation is to listen to them and offer support.


4. Assess the Situation 

The more information you have about the cause of the complaint, the more easily you can help to resolve it. It will give you a better understanding of the situation, as well as demonstrate your impartiality. 


5. Offer Resolution

After getting your customers’ viewpoint, the next step is to get them to identify how the situation could be changed. Solicit their ideas, then move forward by Identifying solutions both of you can support.


6. Offer Support

Support comes in a variety of ways. It could be in the form of finding solutions to your customers’ complaints promptly, exchanging defective products with new ones or simply just listening to them and paying attention to their complaints. The ability to listen to your customers is key. This will enable you to understand their point of view and give you a holistic assessment of their needs and wants


7. Be Flexible

Flexibility is very essential to a resolution process. If no resolution is available to make your customers happy, flexibility is very important. Situations often differ as no two customers can act alike. Consider how else you can turn the negative interaction into a positive one.


8. Thank them

The old saying “kill them with kindness” could not be truer in a situation with a customer complaining. As odd as it sounds to thank a complaining customer, know they’re helping your business by pointing out flaws you may have overlooked. The complaints might be with a product, long wait lines, check out issues, or even parking space. Customers pointing these out allows you to improve your process. So rather than faking a smile, genuinely let them know you appreciate that they shared their complaints and concerns with you.


9. Follow Up

After the dust has settled, it is always advisable to reach out to the customer 24-48 hours after the complaints have been made, to find out if the solution worked for them. This shows them you genuinely care. It also suggests you have their complaints at the top of your mind. Be sure to request their contact details from them so you can use them later.


10. Move On

Ultimately, remember that complaints are inevitable as you can’t please everyone. So try not to dwell on customers’ complaints at the detriment of other business needs. As retailers, it is best to have a plan to help navigate how to handle customer’s complaints seamlessly. Address the situation, assess how to avoid it in the future, then move on to running your business.


Finally, dealing with angry customers and customer complaints can be frustrating for retailers. This, however, is an inevitable part of operating a business. That being said, if you can take up customer complaints with some of these strategies paired with genuine empathy, it is possible to turn seemingly complaining customers to loyal customers.