A point of sales system is essential to any business. Asides aiding a business provide quality service to customers which is important, it also supplies you with the necessary tools to track your sales and inventory. So, as you set out to look for a solution that suits your business, you might be wondering, “what makes a Point of Sale the best?”, “What are the best pos solutions in Nigeria?” I would say look at solutions offered by POS Shop Limited, and you would get your answer.

POS Shop Limited is a Nigerian based software solutions company that has been around for over twenty-five years. We partner with major multinational companies to provide global solutions that meet various business needs in the retail, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Just as the saying, “…variety is the spice of life”, POS Shop Limited offers you a variety of options to pick from. Below are some of the software solutions we offer.


ICG Software is an enterprise resource planner(ERP) that offers centralized management of all establishments and franchises and a communication system to obtain all sales information in real-time. This Software Solution is a working tool that will make your business more profitable.

The solution is divided into various modules

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ICG FrontRest 

is a recognized tool for the hospitality and catering industry. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use without sacrificing any functionalities. Designed for use on touch screens.

Some of the functions the ICG Front rest can perform

  1. FrontRest helps waiters to take orders quickly.
  2. The CRM system saves customer records, so employees do not have to re-enter the customer’s information when the same customer reorders, 
  3. Each order can be sent to a kitchen printer or it can be shown on a kitchen screen, reducing preparation time.
  4. Also, you can increase your income and earn your customer’s loyalty with different cards: Prepaid, VIP’s, points, etc.

All these and so much more can be gotten from the ICG FrontRest.


pos solutionsICG FrontRetail

is software for retail management, it is an intuitive and easy to use solution which has preconfigured templates for retail industries like boutiques, shoe stores, sports shops, perfumeries, appliances, supermarkets, etc. It assists retailers or wholesalers manage their businesses be it a one cashpoint business or multiple cash points in one shop location or several branch locations. 

Some Key Functionalities are:

  1.  It manages items by barcodes, reference, serial numbers, groups, sizes, colors, descriptions, brands, etc. 
  2. The software handles several rates, offers, and discounts, Mix&Match, etc
  3. It regulates collections, payments, and automatic cash counts. Control clients credit limit and much more
  4. Helps with Sales ranking by items, sellers, clients, comparative between periods, yields statistics… 
  5. Stock control, goods reception, goods transfer, item labels printout. 


ICG Manager 

is the center of operations in the ICG infrastructure. The Manager is ICG’s Enterprise Management software. Its different versions allow you to adapt to any company that has multiple sites, which allows the total centralization of data, configuration, and activity. The different modules available allow you to manage all areas of the company with total efficiency, security, and versatility. Its powerful reporting module, Cubes, and Business Intelligence allow you to analyses the company in a very comprehensive way.


For a more advanced solution incorporating mobile sales, warehousing, advanced reporting and statistical analysis for strategic planning and decision making, ICG offers other modules such as ICGHotel, ICG StockManager, ICG Analytics, and ICG BusinessIntelligence. The robust features ICG offers makes it one of the best pos solutionS in Nigeria.



Omega Pos is a worldwide Point of Sale company that provides point of sales solutions for the Hospitality and Retail industries. This solution helps your business save time, increase efficiency, perform day-to-day operations effectively and keep up with the fast-changing world.

Some of the modules from Omega Pos are:


is a complete solution for restaurants. You have ready information and complete history of an item – purchase date, quantity in stock, cost price, average selling price (taking in account price change), expiry date, the minimum and maximum limit for reorder purposes; and complete information on your suppliers and customers.

Some of its functionalities are

  1. Table reservation
  2. Table management
  3. Digital menu
  4. Wireless ordering (Mobile POS solution designed for Ipods and Ipads)
  5. Stock Management
  6. Management reporting and so much more


pos solutionsO-Market 

This retail management software is an advanced software solution to manage your business, provides comprehensive Retail Point-Of-Sale (POS) lets you customize product options, tax rules, receipt content, categories, layout and much more. 

Key Functionalities are

  1. Stock management i.e from quoting and invoicing to purchasing and inventory. Easily sell, receive, count, transfer, track and analyze your inventory.
  2. Serial Number Tracking 
  3. Time and attendance (keep track of your employees)
  4. Customer loyalty


pos solutions



is a specially designed software for hotels because of its ability for front-desk management. It has unique programming that helps effectively manage the front desk giving you ready information on room bookings, With O-Tel, double bookings and lost room reservations become myths.

  1. Allows multiple bookings, with special discounted rates for Corporate and Travel Agent commissions calculated and accounted for automatically.
  2. Handle deposit and refund related functions with ease, generating detailed reports for your records.
  3. Manage the room types, features, amenities, connecting rooms, room status, housekeeping, room statistics, availability,
  4. It allows you to process settlements with multiple currencies and print bills in foreign currencies.


Omega has other modules that expand the usage across different points of the business such as loyalty, accounting, delivery, and call center. This also makes it one of the best pos solutions in Nigeria.



Hiopos is a cloud-based android solution that is suited for bars, cafes, beauty parlor, salons/spas, pizzerias, mini-marts and so much more. Some of its key functionalities are:

  1. Easy configuration for any business type
  2. Works with or without internet
  3. Available information in the cloud with maximum security
  4. Set up pos by area and language in one click

As far as cloud-based pos solutions are rated, the Hiopos solution ranks as one of the best solutions here in Nigeria as it offers you flexibility for both online and offline transactional activity.



While AssetWin may not be generally classified as a pos solution, we will like to add it in here, because, from experience, most chain businesses require an asset tracking solution that they can incorporate into their pos system for efficient tracking of equipment across all locations.

AssetWin is the most adaptable and scalable cloud or locally installed fixed asset tracking software that tracks and manages assets from anywhere, at any time with fully integrated mobile functionality to support any available devices, operating system, platform (Android, IOS, and Windows), to meet the needs of small businesses, enterprise, educational institutions, and hospitals.

Some of its key features are:

  1. Track asset from anywhere
  2. Built-in reporting
  3. Eliminate data entry mistakes
  4. Easy data presentation
  5. Simply Scan asset location

POS Shop Ltd Asset Tracking Solution enables organizations to keep track of their movable assets (products, tools, equipment, and machinery) and helps supervisors in charge of them keep better accounts of the life cycle of a product or equipment.


As mentioned earlier, at POS Shop, we partner with renowned solution companies to bring to you top-notch solutions. Just like our motto “integrity-driven professional service”, we provide services with utmost professionalism and integrity. Our customers can testify to how we have added to their success stories.

If you would like to know more about these solutions or would like a free demo you can reach out to us at We are ready to talk about your business with you.