This is used to read barcodes on items. Barcodes are series of alternating dark and light vertical bars of varying widths which contain encoded data. These black vertical bars are what the barcode scanner reads and translates into human readable form. For products, the barcode scanner is used to read the information contained in the barcode, providing the person at the sales point necessary information to clear the item for sale. Barcode scanners are also useful in inventory control. Barcode Scanners come in different model types – handheld, desktop.

Handheld barcode scanners are ideal for warehousing, retail, distribution, manufacturing and all points in between.

Desktop barcode scanners are ideal for retail environments checkout.

Barcode scanners whether handheld or desktop are manufactured based on technology (laser, imager, or CCD technology) and connectivity (WiFi, USB, Ethernet, or Bluetooth). Choosing the correct barcode scanner depends on the nature of its use and the environment to be used in.

POS Shop Ltd stock Honeywell Range of Barcode Scanners with popular products like the IT3800 Handheld ScannerFusion Scanner, Solaris Tabletop Scanner.


Using unique linear imaging technology, the IT3800 is a handheld barcode scanner that delivers exceptional performance in any environment. Designed to fit all sized hands, the IT3800 has a soft grip area that adds comfort and prevents slips during use. Ideal for retail point of sales, in-store inventory, document management, transaction processing and vehicle registration applications, the IT3800 connects to all POS terminals, portable data terminals, and all popular PCs Apple Mac.


–     Full impact resistant bumpers

–     Enduring construction

–     270 scans per second

–     Work range from 0.5 inches to 18 inches on 100% UPC/EAN symbols

–     Fully programmable options for application specific “good lead” LED and beeper settings


–     Fast barcode reading and high tolerance to motion

–     Durable as it has no movable parts to wear out

–     Reads damaged and poorly printed barcodes


Illumination 63 NM visible Red LED
Receiving device 3648 element linear imager
Reading distance From 0.5”(1.3cm) to 18”(46cm) on medium density barcodes
Resolution 3 mil at 4”(10cm) distance
Skew/Pitch Angle +/- 65 degrees
Horizontal velocity 20”(51cm) per second
Scan Rate Up to 270 scans per second
Decode Rate 270 decodes per second
Dimensions 7.9cm(W) x 11.2cm(L) x 15.0cm(D)
Weight 158.8g
Mechanical shock Operational after 50 drops from 5ft(1.5m) to concrete
Vibration Withstand 5G peak from 22 to 300 Hz
MTBF Per MIL-HDBK-217F Ground Benign exceeds 85,000 hours
Symbologies codabar, code 3 of 9 including PARAF, interleaved 2 of 5, straight 2 of 5 industrial, matrix 2 of 5, code 11, code 93, code 128, UPC, EAN/JAN, China Postal Code, GS1 DataBar, 2005 Sunrise/GTIN compliant, and ISBT 128 concatenation(requires a paid license)
Interfaces 3800GXSE: All popular PCs and terminals via keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement/direct connect, USB, TTL level RS-232, IBM

The Honeywell fusion scanner is a handheld omnidirectional laser scanner with single line capability that increases retail checkout system efficiency with its automatic in stand operation, optionally integrated EAS, and industry leading scan performance making it ideal for medium volume retailers. Stabilized with a metal base, the stand may also be hard mounted to counters or walls.


–      Primary omnidirectional scan pattern

–      Secondary single-line scan pattern

–      Automatic stand detection

–      Sleep mode with IR wake up

–      Optional EAS integration

–      Flash ROM

–      Integrated infrared sensor


–      Aggressively scans barcodes in any direction increasing throughput

–      Allows you switch to a targeted single-line menu scanning with just a push

of a button

–      Reduces operator fatigue due to its hands-free operation

–      Multiple sleep modes helps reduce power consumption thus extending life

of the scanner and lowering cost of operation

–      Deactivates EAS tags and decodes barcodes in one single scan


Illumination Visible laser diode 650nm
Laser power 1 Mw (peak)
Number Characters Read Up to 80 data characters
Scan Speed 1,333 scan lines/sec, omnidirectional; 67 scan lines/sec, single line
Scan Pattern 5 fields of 4 parallel lines omnidirectional; or button activated single line
Number of Scan Lines 20(omnidirectional); or 1(single line)
Minimum Bar Width 5 mil(0.127mm)
Print Contrast 35% minimum reflectance difference
Roll, Pitch, Yaw (360,60,60) degrees
Dimensions 65mm(W) x 189mm(L) x 73mm(D)
Weight 195g
Interfaces RS232, Keyboard wedge, Stand alone keyboard, IBM 468x/469x, USB,ODA
Symbologies Auto-discriminates all standard ID barcodes, including RSS-Expanded, RSS-14 and RSS-14 limited

This tabletop scanner comes with an integrated RF EAS antenna, checkpoint and sersormatic interlock and the ability to be flash upgraded. The Solaris barcode scanner has an unmatched features set that aggressively scans high density codes and fits easily into any enclosure, making it ideal for high volume retail environment.


–       Reads 50 mil barcodes

–       Has a diagnostic indicator

–       USB, serial ports interfaces

–       Integrated RF EAS antenna

–       Remote configuration and flash upgrade


–       Optimises checkout procedures as it aggressively decodes high density


–       Decreases downtime as its diagnostic indicator enables fast and easy


–       Saves space and money as it draws power from host through 12 volts USB

or serial port thus reducing number of cables at the point of sale.


Illumination Visible laser diode 650mm +/- 10nm
Laser Power 0.900mW(peak)
Number characters read Up to 80 data characters
Scan speed 1800 scan lines per second
Scan pattern 5 fields of 4 parallel lines (omnidirectional)
Minimum bar width 5 mil(0.127mm)
Print contrast 35% minimum reflectance difference
Pitch, yaw (360,60,60)degrees
Dimensions 152mm(W) x 92mm(D) x 152mm(H) without stand
Weight 0.7Kg
Interface RS232, Keyboard wedge, USB, IBM 468x/469x
Symbologies Auto- discriminates all standard barcodes, including GS1 DataBar