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Online POS – Technology for 2021

The year 2020 put us in tight corners, but even with these challenges, there were also opportunities. Covid-19 and government policies led to a year of adaptation and accelerated digital transformation for every industry. At POS Shop Limited, we strive to put customers first in everything we do. Despite the challenges from last year, our […]


Hello Readers!  Welcome officially to a beautiful and happy new year. Today is our first official blog post for the year, and we would like to, first of all, thank you wholeheartedly for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep up with our articles. We believe that these posts have been helpful to […]

Customer Retention for Restaurants: The Psychology of Loyalty Programs

No matter the type of restaurant you operate, you definitely would want your customers to become loyal customers. However, Covid-19 has made customer satisfaction and retention a lot less straightforward. Because of strict social distancing mandates and capacity limits, restaurant owners have found it harder to charm customers into coming back. Research says loyal customers […]

Inventory Management: Year End Closing Procedure

It is the most joyous time of the year, and the bustling seasonal sales will have many retailers smiling to the bank. While many celebrations are in full swing, it is also the season to count your inventory and prepare your year-end books, tax requirements, and financial statement. To make it easier for you, we […]

6 Ways to Prepare your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

The holiday season comes with the excuse for people to come together, eat, drink and be merry, so the last of the year will traditionally offer restaurants the opportunity to make a potentially big sale and attract new customers. In this article, we have compiled some creative tips to help get your restaurant ready for […]

How POS Technology Changed Retail Accounting

The evolution of technology hasn’t left the accounting profession out of it. Access to new accounting software has made the job as an accountant easier. Gone are the days where accountants use pens, papers, and calculator to balance books and verify the ledgers are accurate. Today there have been some number of technological advances that […]